When you ride your unicycle is your tire pump- up to the correct psi. Or is your tire half inflated.

You would not use half the tire pressure on a unicycle. Typically, the amount is in line with what’s on the tire, but it depends a lot on what you prefer, how much you weight, and what type of riding you’re doing. A small kid can get by with much less air in the tire than an adult can.

For MUni, I put in just enough air so my rim never hits an object I’m going over. For freestyle, I usually put a lot of pressure in as it handles better for turns and spins, but not as good for hopping. For distance, I also like a lot of pressure in my tire.

I ride mine about half inflated, my 29er with a knobby tire I run it about 24 psi on road and about 20 psi off road. I don’t like the feeling of a fully inflated tire, too hard for my old bones.

I’m a pessimist. All my tires are half deflated.

I’m an opportunist. I let all the air out of my tire while you were debating whether it was half inflated or half deflated…

24 lbs is my magic number. 29er 2.25 wide tire. Anything less the sidewalls fold or I hit the rim…anything harder and it feels like a rolling rock.