tire pressures?

im getting a 24’ torker Dx for my birthday and i plan to both Muni and trials on it…and i was wondering if what the ideal tire pressure would be …would i need 2 change it when i want 2 do trials after muni …visa versa (spelled wrong)

should the tire when im doing muni have less pressure than if iwas doing trials or could i just fill the tire untill its stiff… for both

whats the best…plz help


The “proper” tire pressure is dependent on many factors:

  • Tire width/volume
  • Rider weight
  • Rider’s style or level of aggressiveness
  • Terrain

Taking all of that into consideration, an exact answer is impossible. Fortunately, the basic rule of thumb is a piece of cake. What you need is enough pressure to keep your rim off the ground. It may take some experimentation to find the right pressure, and this will change depending what you’re doing. So keep the pump handy, and when in doubt, start with more than you think you need.

Back when I first got seriously into MUni, all we had were 24x1.75 tires. These had to be run at high pressure to keep the rims off the ground. This made for a harsh, but challenging ride. Now that I have 3" tires, the pressure is less than half what it was with the skinny tire.