Tire For Trials On 24"

I’m saving for a trials uni. In the mean time I’m trashing my Dura Leopard tire on my Muni doing trials and street riding. Any suggestions for a good 24 x 3 tire that would work for trials?

24" x 3 Dyno FireBall if you can still find one? there are other companies making 24 x 3 chopper cruiser tires, there is a fat ass tire looks like it might work?

I’m interested in an answer as well, since we are facing a simular situation.

In 24" by 3" wide I know of the Fireball tire. However I don’t know if it is good for anything but pavement. Can one be ridden off road?

Just buy a gazz. I use a 3" on my 24 and it rocks…its a bomber off road tire and works really well as a trials tire. If you run it at low pressure it sticks to anything…the only prob is the weight of a 24x3

I’m currently using a Duro Leopard (not so different from a Gazz) but I feel like I’m ripping the knobs off when on pavement.

Want something with some BOUNCE!

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I prefer the Hoggy G to the Fireball. The Hoggy has a much rounder profile–making it much easier to ride on off-camber conditions.


So how does the Hoggy G work when you are riding on the edge of a skinny? I’ve heard the flatter tread of the Gazz is more forgiving on a skinny, so it would seem that the Hoggy G round profile would be less forgiving when on the edge of an obstacle.


what is the true width of your hoggy G. they are not as fat as they advertise. is the hoggy sticky at all?

The fireball has a weird charcteristic that it pulls you into slants and off-camber situations. It’s possible to get used to, as I did, but it’s really not very good. I think it has more to do with the sidewalls then the profile. I’ve seen tissue paper thicker than fireball sidewalls. I’ve ridden a fireball on minor offroad, and it works okay. Knobbies are nice, though.

Where to get Duro Wildlife replacements?

The knobbies on my KH24 tire are getting worn down, is there an online shop where I can order replacements or other equivalent tires?
unicycle.se is my preferred uni shop, but they don’t list the Duro Wildlife or the Halo Contra equivalent.
Any suggestions for ordering a Duro or Gazz online?

I’ve heard good things about the Specialized “Roller,” 24 X 2.7 inches. Around 40 bucks. I’m going to give this tire a shot next week.

Also, the Arrow Wide Bite “slow reaction” sticky tire is supposed to be ace, but I’ve never tried it either.


For technical riding featuring drops and rocks, I actually like a Duro Leopard better than a Gaz–lighter, preloads well for hops, sticks like glue when side/front dropping down steep slabs, and with the round profile, it’s more agile. The Gaz absorbs bumps exceptionally well, hence the rep.


I just bought a Kenda Flame 24x3 at a local bike shop for $21.99
It looks similar to the Dyno Fireball except there are little “traction bumps” (similar to a mtb semi-slick) on the center portion of the tire on the Flame tread. I’m going to mount it tomorrow and I’ll give you my opinion after I ride it Saturday morning. I’ll try to borrow a friends 24x3.45 Hoggy G for comparison

24x3 Fireball Maybe Hoggy-G

I am not sure about either, but go for it…

The Fireball is great for trials… it makes all the right noises! Knobblies on pavement just make that noise of shredding rubber, but the fireball rolls silently, punctuated only by little squeaks as the rubber makes contact with smooth ground.

It has loads of bounce if you get the pressure just right, and looks the bomb too. You know you’ll love it.


I got to try them both today. The Kenda Flame tracts straighter than the Hoggy G. They both measure the same width across the tread (just over 2.75") the Kenda has a little thinner sidewall and needs to run about 2 psi higher to get the same sidewall squish as the Hoggy G. Rebound when hopping seems the same on either tire.

My opinion?
The tires are pretty evenly matched, but I prefer the Kenda Flame because it is lighter, rolls straighter and just plain looks cooler than the Hoggy G.