Fireball for muni?

I want to buy a Fireball for street and trial for my KH24" but I also want to do some MUNI with it.
So I was thinking: can you also use a Fireball for MUNI?
I guess not but I don’t know.

I reckon on rocky surfaces it probably wouldn’t be bad, but not so good on loose or soft stuff. If most of your riding is on road or hard trails then give it a go.

I’ve used mine off-road a bit because I was far too lazy to put the “proper” tyre back on. It’s a state of mind… if you like the whole “in control” malarkey don’t bother, but if sliding like a loon all over the place at the slightest hint of moisture sounds fun then give it a try.

It’s great fun to try, but I wouldn’t like to have to use it all the time.


I just took my fireball off of my muni. I found it hard to control as if it always wanted to tip to one side or the other:

As for off roading I’ve only tried it indoors, on dry pavement, and in the snow… it is definately not designed for the snow. It pretty much operates how a slick would when there’s any amount of snow on the ground.

The sidwalls are paper thin on this tire which means in order to not bottom out when jumping you have to put lots of pressure in… once you put lots of pressure in you loose the bouncyness. I still love the look and the smooth ride I just don’t like the way it performs.

Here’s a few links to info I’ve found on the fireball:

Your idol uses it though Peter, so it can’t be that bad, can it? I told you I’m probably getting one if I like the way my 24" rides, and I think it will be pretty good for street/urban trials. It’s not too difficult to change tires when you’re going muniing.
I’d use the duro for real muni and the fireball for street.

whats a fireball?

Slick 24x3" tire, sec, I’ll find the link…