tips on learning rolling unispins

ok ok before anyone starts yelling, i did search but couldn’t find anything helpful so if i missed something feel free to direct me to it.

now, to the good stuff. i can already 180 and 360 unispin almost every time, but i can only do them static and as you know it’s really hard to have an impressive big/medium street line static. i can do 180 unispins off of drops up to about a foot, foot and a half high, and can 360 unispin off of curbs and similar drops.

so my question is; is learning these tricks rolling as simple as riding seat in front, trying the trick, repeat until you land it? or is there some other more efficient method to it. any tips would be greatly appreciated, i really want to learn rolling unispins.

-Learn them with longer crank arms-I still can’t do rolling spins on my freestyle uni(unless I put my old 114mm cranks on)
-spend a few minutes practicing landing on the pedals before you try to do it rolling
-It’s OK to hop a couple times after the spin when you’re just starting, especially if you nick one of the crank arms

ok cool, anyone else have any tips or am i just gonna have to wing it?

I learned by doing them static without hopping before (like a 1-2 sec standstill) then do it rolling but go very slow before you do it, then just go faster and faster.

By doing this with 180s I could rolling 360 the same day I 360 spun.

Lean forward, out over the front of your unicycle, but leave the ground with most of your foot pressure on the back pedal.

It will help a lot at first if you ride slowly, stop, unispin, ride away. If you think of it in this order you will be able to feel what you are doing wrong and adjust. Over time shorten the stopping part until it appears you are not stopping at all.

You have to understand that a rolling unispin is almost an optical allusion. If you truly do it rolling your cranks will spin every time. The trick is to get your stop to be as smooth and short as possible to make it look like you dont stop at all.

so in actuality(sp?) when you see someone 360 spin a stair set in a video they’re actually, riding up to it, pausing ever so briefly, and then static gapping the stairs while doing the unispin? that makes it seem so much simpler, thank you a lot

Yes that is (pretty much) what is happening. Easy however it is not. Rolling 3 spins on flat are super easy. Rolling 3 spins down 3 or more sets get hard. Its hard becuase you have to gap all those stairs with very little momentum, because of that subtle stop.

If you talk to kids who can trey and 3 spin sets, the most common answer will be that treys are easier because you dont have to stop and your speed will carry you down the stairs. A 3 spin you need to stop a bit and throw much more body weight around.

…and no prob, hope it helps.

it’s gonna help a lot. i’m going to spend pretty much all day tomorrow working on crankflips and rolling 3 spins and hopefully by next weekend i’ll have um both on lock.