Tips on Coasting

anyone got any tips on how to coast, whats the fastest way to learn?

keep it wheel.

Take your feet off and see how far you get!

This is greatly helped by:

  • keeping one foot solidly on the fork crown while using the other as a moment arm OR locking both feet onto the fork crown. For best results, try to hook your heel around the back as well.

  • Before doing the above, make sure you’re comfortable with your feet up there. One footing, wheel walking and gliding are sensible prerequisites.

  • Practice on the smoothest, most level surface available. As you get betteer you can go on rougher or less-level ground.

  • Watch videos of people coasting if you don’t have any “live” ones to watch. Look at the body language.

And as usual, if you want something more helpful, try to give us at least a tiny bit of information about where you are currently.

How similar is coasting to riding a BC wheel? Is it basically the same idea or is it totally different?

I’d say it’s pretty different. On a BC wheel all your weight is either on or below the axle, whereas during coasting all of your weight is balancing up above the wheel.

If you can do one it will certainly help with the other, but they are definitely different.

k, thanks guys, that helps a lot.

well i kinda tried to see how far i could get and i fell back onto both my hands and almost snapped both my wrists so i kinda dont wanna try that again, i also tried riding one foot and then go fro mthere but that didnt really help either, ive heard that u can learn by one foot wheel walking so any tips on that?

thanks, keep it wheel.

Get some wrist guards for your wrists. To learn 1-footed wheel walking, learn 2-footed first. Read this thread:

yea ive read thta thread before, i can 2 foot wheel walk pretty good but im having trouble still with 1 footed wheel walk.