Tioga axle-less pedals - anyone tried that yet?

Hi guys,

I found out today that Tioga recently released a funny concept, the axle-free pedals:

More info there.

Has anyone tried these pedals already?

I personally like the idea that the “bearing and micro-axle” set becomes a totally independent part of the pedal vs the “plate” itself.

Cheers, MadC.

Here’s an idea that’s coming back around for a second spin (so to say). Shimano made a system called Dyna Drive back before mountain bikes. It was available in Dura Ace, 600, and Deore ( a touring parts group at the time). The groups with Dyna Drive had AX put after the parts group name. It was short lived, but I don’t think it was because of the inboard bearings. I think it was because Shimano’s solution was to make a 30mm ( I’m exagerating, maybe not that big) pedal thread that was proprietary. In those days proprietary pedals didn’t sit well with anybody. They probably wouldn’t today either.

Dyna Drive is a different animal,

a dropped, a.k.a. swing pedal, whose platform is below the pedal’s axis of rotation.

Yes, that is the reason that they put the bearings in the crank, but the result is very similar. And if you think about it, it’s probably not far off from the reason Tioga is introducing the new platform pedal. A lot of riders have wanted slimmer pedal designs to get the platform closer to the axis of rotation. We’ll see if people don’t mind the extra q introduced in the Tioga design.

Yeah, looks like the main downside is the added Q-factor. But this could be a plus if you wanted to run straight cranks on a Schlumpf, for instance. I bought a pair of KoxxOne 160s to try on my Schlumpf 36", but they had zero Q-factor, which me and my previously broken collar bone were not comfortable with.

I look forward to see how those pedals hold up strength-wise…