Time lapse dropology

Here’s two kinda cool sequences of me doing drops in time lapse photography. One is a 1.2m drop and the other is a 1.7m drop. They’re in the style of skate/BMX magazine trick sequences. Check them out!


Thats awesome! Jeez that 1.7 was huge! both were huge! What a good idea.

So how exactly did you take the pictures? Are they screen shots of a video or a nifty camera thing?

Nice Tony!

I did that once using the burst shot on my Digicam. The results were similar, but the drop was only about 1 meter. It looks cool with the slideshow feature in the gallery:


UniBrier got some similar shots of g3orge, Harper, and I jumping off a pedestal at St. Edward State Park last month. Here’s the gallery with the pictures: A bunch of failures. We had a bunch of unicycle failures that day and that’s the reason for the title.

It’s neat to see drops in a series of stop action photos. I’m going to make sure that my next digital camera can do a high fps burst of photos like that.

So did I, although John’s a purist so might have discounted them because one is out of sequence. They are here: http://gallery.unicyclist.com/albux49

I like the series of John because it has both the setup, airshot, and compression. On the series of Harper I got too much of the setup, only one in the air, and none of the landing. My camera is fine…it was all Harper’s fault for cowering on the pedestal afraid to jump. Someone finally pelted him from behind with a filbert, which got him into the air.

well,theres some proof that the Miyata style lollies are plenty strong.nice drop!

my ankles winced upon seeing that.

The Casio EX-P600 has three different burst modes. The fast one does six shots in about two seconds at full resolution. The second one is continuous, somewhere in the 1.5 per second range for as long as you want.

Then there’s the super-burst mode, or whatever you want to call it. This takes 25 pictures onto a single frame at 1600 x 1200. It does them all in about 2 seconds. So the resolution is pretty low, but the speed is super fast.

So far I am digging the camera very much. The main advantages over our QV-4000s:

  • Tons faster: startup and shutdown in about 2 seconds
  • Smaller & lighter
  • Big LCD, visible in the daytime!
  • Quicker access to most major controls
  • Battery lasts a couple of days
  • Crazy bracketing options
  • super-fast playback

It does feel a little fragile compared to the QV-4000, and my external flash plug managed to unthread itself from its mount. Hope I don’t have to open the camera to fix that. But I’m very much not regretting paying a premium for a tiny camera that’s very fast and versatile!

Read more about the camera:

See a sample of the super-burst mode below. I’ve cut it down to half the original size and compressed it. That’s my nephew Austin, trying to keep up with a different face for each shot.

I’ve always liked time lapse stuff

Awesome drop, very cool!

Yes, those sequences were done with burst mode. Other than that I don’t know what the fps rate was or how the camera was set up, as it wasn’t my camera.

The 1.7m drop is probably one of the biggest drops I’ve done to flat. It’s almost my height (1.75m)!

Jagur - the Miyata bearing holders are OK in the setup I have - they’ve been drilled out to accept a Profile axle and feel very solid. They were not so good in their previous incarnation paired up with a Suzue hub. They would slip side to side off the bearings, so I’d periodically lock-tite the bearings into their holders. Not very satisfactory for trials.