tightening a backspin

I’ve been able to fumble my way through backspins for a while, so now I’ve been trying to tighten them up. The way I’ve been doing them is that I start with my right foot forward and do a single “idling-like” motion while twisting and turning my body 180 degrees to the right. Then I pedal off backwards.

That seems to be the right motion, but I’ve seen good riders switch from forward to backward riding almost instantaneously. Does anyone have any tips for getting my slowly twisting backspin to a quicker, snappier one?


Of course. :roll_eyes:

But do I have the right technique? I could practice for years with the wrong technique and never get it. I assume something has to change in order to make it snappier, right? When I get it, will I make less of a motion, or make the same motion only faster?

It’s hard to make useful comments without video. What you want in a backspin (or frontspin) is the illusion of your body continuing in a straight line while your wheel switches direction. If your upper body slows down or if there is any jerky motion in the process, it takes away from the optimum appearance of the trick. When doen smoothly, it’s like a “snap” in the wheel, while your body makes the necessary motions to continue riding after you do it.

Hope that helps…

You mean video of phlegm, or of the backspin (or frontspin)?