this is my ride today...awesome huh?

i broke my uni hey
i broke my uni YAY
i broke my uni ToDaY!
(does a huge unispin w/ a pen, realizes its not the same, walks away ashamed)

yeah, so the story is, i jumped up some bleachers and off the highest one, landed and it felt funny, looked, its broken , bend it back , sit on it, it busts off



tacoed rim?

what exactly is broken?

no pictures, my camera is gone at the moment, umm i broke my 05 DX frame

I was going to guess that. But I wanted pictures more than my guess.

hey, me too!

I emailed UDC about a warranty, and they didn’t say “no”, they told me to send pics…so I did today, and am now waiting for replies.

Mine broke when I was pulling up during a hop. I almost hit myself in the forehead with the rusty broken frame top…

These broken dx stories are making me very nervous. I have the all black dx. I got it off e-bay. I know it’s not the 06, must be 05 or maybe even 04. I post a pic when I get a chance

No red stickers, alex dx32 rim, or CC tire, then its a 05 or earlier.

Ok, after reading all of these threads about broken dx frames I decided to have a closer look at mine. I have had it since August, so that means 2.5 months of riding. I bought it off e-bay, probably from one of you guys, who knows?

Anyway it was in good shape when I got it, but know I am seriously considering replacing the frame. Check out he pictures below. At first I thought it was just me, but know I think it is pretty obvious that the seat post is bending slightly forward. Also I just found a hairline crack on the seatpost weld.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Is there anyway I can reinforce it before it completely brakes on me?

It is hard to see the crack here, but if you look closely I think you can see it.

Well, as you can see, it doesn’t have any red stickers, but it does have the 48 rims. I put the oddessy 2.2 tire on. It is much better than the original 2.125 K-Rad

I’d say get a new frame now, before it breaks. So when it does you’ll have an immediate replacement. I don’t think that frame has much time left…

OK so what frames will work with my wheel set?

I’m not sure if old dxes have 40mm bearings, but if they do a nimbus 2 frame is perfect. Inexpensive and strong.

Yes, the Nimbus II frame will fit, and is cheap and strong. Its what I use.

My 06 had that same crack, in the same place, and I was able to ride it for about another 2 months before it broke off cause I landed inbetween two planks of wwod and the sideways forced ripped the frame in half.


i DID hit myself in the face with my seat when i pulled up and my seatpost broke cause of a crack that was there before or something…

but to be on topic, that sucks.
do you have anything else to ride while you wait for a new frame?
not being able to ride sucks.

Id say ge tht nimbus II, but UDC doesnt have them in 20" version falt crown:(

I noticed they didn’t have the flat crown. I really would like a flat crown, I just learned to ride onefooted and would like to learn a few other stand on the frame tricks,

Does the Nimbus II come with a flat crown?

The Nimbus II has a flat crown but isn’t in stock/listed on UDC America.

The Nimbus X Longneck is also really strong, in stock, and only $3 more than the Nimbus II. It is designed for freestyle skills, but that won’t make it bad for anything else - You’ll just have a killer street uni!

I have a Nimbus II and it’s great + powdercoated blue. I’d like a longneck…they’re nice…

hope this helps… :roll_eyes: :smiley:

So is the Nimbus II Longneck the same as the regular Nimbus II? Actually I would like to get the wide version so I can put a beefy tire on it without it rubbing on the frame but I can only find it at