This forum represents what percent of total uni-ers in usa? Make a guess!

Title asks the question. That would include all styles of riding, pros and amateurs. What’s your best guess…maybe 10%? :thinking:

i bet the percentage is closer to less than 1%. i know alot of people in austin who unicycle. and i know there are probably alot more in austin that i haven’t met. very few of them are on this forum.


Not to mention alot of the people on this forum aren’t from The States.

Hmmm, in the US, I would say 2.543%

My guess is 0.01%

For the U.S. I’ll stick with 1%, though I’m thinking that’s high. For the whole world, I think Harper’s guess is even high. I don’t think this I know it. Imagine 6,000,000 unicyclists in Japan alone! Not all are active, but that’s still quite a few.

Everyone please keep these numbers in mind when putting up those silly polls. You are not polling anything close to a representative sample of the unicyclists of the world or of the United States. It is a tiny, meaningless few of the people who post regularly here, and we do not represent the average unicyclist.