Thighs aching Unicycling after a 6 month break

Tried Unicycling for 15 minutes a few days ago, after a 6 month hiatus
in winter. Thighs are hurting a lot, even after three days. In
particular both sides of the leg, just above the knees, are sore. Is
this common? I am 46 years old.

It seems the aching part is either tendons or the ends of muscles. Any
thoughts? The part just above the knee, and between the front and the
inside of the leg is still hurting after 5 day! I feel good that I am
not letting muscles waste away. However, can Unicycling cause
tendonitis or something similar?

if you’re still fairly new to riding the unicycle, it’s normal for them to be sore. it takes about, eh, a month of being able to actually ride before you can do it forever without getting sore.

Never stop riding… Just keep riding, and then you get open sores. And then you will bleed. Then you heal up and have invincible legs! Major score!!!

Re: Thighs aching Unicycling after a 6 month break

The way you describe the location and duration of the pain, it sounds
uncommon and unlike the muscle pain I had when I learned at age 47. If
you just had sore thighs in general, I’d play the well-known tune of
“keep at it, and put more weight on the seat”.

I have no medical background at all, so don’t take my word for it. But
if this doesn’t go away soon, or re-occurs after riding again, I’d see
a doctor if I were you.

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Is your seat high enough?

I think a too low seat, especially if you are still learning, is a tougher ride.

Try old “Schwinn” seat height calculation: Adjust the seat height so when you sit on the uni with the pedal at its lowest (six o’clock) position and with your HEEL on the pedal, your leg should be straight. Then slide you foot back so the ball or arch is over the pedal, this will give a slight bend to the knee for a comfortable riding position.

After your muscles strengthen and you become more comfortable on the uni you can adjust the seat height to your personal preference. But for learning I prefer the higher seat position.

I think my thighs get sore cuz I just bought a uni off of CL. And my seat looks way different from ones sold now. Did change seat design? From loser to new ???

And I’ve tryed raising and lowering seat

Normal to be sore if you’re new. But it’s usually mostly a sign you are not putting enough weight on the seat. Should be ~ 90% on the seat, virtually nothing on the pedals for basic riding.

You’re seat should be fairly high but still a slight bend in the knee at 6:00. This will help.

A poorly shaped seat can make it uncomfortable and/or harder to ride relatively straight. If you R new it will prob be a while before you can ride relatively straight.

-OP (I know it’s old) for only 15 min I’d be highly suspicious he rode w/ really sloppy technique putting stress on his knees and I might stay off the uni until a doctor confirmed nothing was wrong w/ his knees.

I’m already looking for newer uni. Like the Muni’s but don’t have to much of that terrain where I live so I’ll stick with 20’ and leaning forwards nimbus over torker

Is this like the summer doldrums thread revival or what?

Why are my legs sore?

Cuz you’re out of shape, either from being a new rider or from not riding enough.

You should get a bigger wheel, a 20" is for riding around on your driveway, a big wheel goes faster and is more efficient.

Get a 26" or 29" muni, change the tire to a mixed use tire like a Hookworm, then it’ll be road worthy and it will still be something you can take off road in mild conditions.

Lol. :smiley:

LOL @ Nurse Ben :slight_smile:

I’ve not been riding enough these last few weeks and my legs are killin me!! :roll_eyes:
I’ll be laid in bed at night trying to get to sleep and my ‘pins’ are jolting and jerking all over the place. :thinking:
I know a uni ride is the cure but unfortunately other stuff has got in the way.

I was just givin’ em grief, my legs hurt all the time, esp when I first start a ride. Riding a unicycle is really hard work, we don’t have any gearing advantage or ability to rest or coast, so we’re working hard all the time unless we stop to rest.

What really gets to me is the high heat combined with high humidity, which is all we get this time of the year in Tennessee. I rode yesterday it just about made me puke, heart racing, dripping sweat like I just got out of the lake, disgusting :astonished:

The next place we live will be cooler and will have some flatter trails so I can go for more cruiser rides.

You need practice, it’s normal to be sore. And if you want to get a muni, there’s no reason not to just because you don’t have the best terrain for it. I ride my muni all over town.

Nurse bean: my brothers just moved back from ten.
I’m sorry for bringing up old stuff, but I joined for the info I knw I have a habbiy of doing this “so get used to it” :smiley: Lol I haven’t found any body who unit’s where I live yet. So other than u-tube and old books this is my only soruce of info.
And I’m used to getting crap I’ll b 30 in Jan. And I look like like I’m 20-22 so again I apologize for digging up old threads

:astonished: Got me there :astonished:

Didn’t notice how old this thread was. I wasn’t even unicycling when this was posted :stuck_out_tongue:

The thread took more than a 6 month break.

If the old thread is relevant then why not refer to it. Maybe just let us know that you’ve dredged up an oldie . I didn’t realise it was such an old thread either. lol. I’m sure Nurse (bean) will forgive you…lol

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