The Ultimate Touring Unicycle? Nearly!

A few weeks ago there was a thread asking what was the ultimate unicycle. Well, I think this is about as close to the answer as I’m going to get for a while.

  • Schwalbe Marathon Plus Supreme 28 x 2.0 tyre
  • Schwalbe 19a Tube
  • KH rim
  • Original Schlumpf geared hub
  • Pro Wheel / Qu-Ax 127mm cranks
  • Welgo MG1 magnesium pedals
  • Magura HS33 hydraulic brakes (water filled)
  • Triton Sponge custom made frame
  • KH seat clamp
  • Thompson Elite seat post
  • T7 handle
  • Nimbus gel saddle
  • Wilson grip tape bar covering

What could I change to improve it? (Apart from the rider!!!) Well, the KH-Schlumpf hub might be stronger, but it’s heavier, and for touring it doesn’t need to be any stronger. There’s not enough of a choice of ISIS cranks yet to make it worth while changing for that either.

I have a carbon fibre based KH Freeride seat, which could shave a bit of weight. However, I don’t find it as comfortable as the Nimbus for long journeys.

The biggest improvement would be from a Ti version of the T7. I think the T7 is a fantastic addition to any touring/commuting unicycle, but have to admit, it is bloody heavy. If Triton had been able to make one of those, it would have just tipped it off.

So, if this was your uni, what would you change? (Anyone that says the carpet or curtains will be disqualified!)


the skirting board:p hehe. A titanium t7 would be cool, and stronger, because a lot of t7s have broken, and in similar places too. is there a way you could make a nimbus seat with a carbon fibre base? or does the top need to be stapled on? everyone should make removable covers, theyre so much better.

semach, what does water in the brake line do better than the magura oil?

Hey, that’s a beautiful uni you have there! I love the frame and seatpost. I’m also looking for an HS33 (or two) for my KH36 and hopefully future KH24… Hmm, what would I change?? Wow, I dont’ think I’d change anything! :slight_smile: Good setup! I should add some of your stuff to MY uni!

BTW, how much did you pay for your HS 33? I’m currently looking for HS 22s and 33s on eBay, and, after searching online in bunches of places, find myself thinking that $40-50 US per brake is a good deal. Is this too much? I don’t know where I’d find them any cheaper…

1-wheeled-grape, yes, you can put a CF base on any saddle, although most you do have to staple, or find some other way to attach them. My base seems to be a bit wider than the foam though, so isn’t ideal.

Unisk8r, it does the same as the Magura Blood, except it’s cheaper and easier to refill from anywhere in the world. As far as I can work out, the only downside is in sub-zero temperatures where it could freeze. (and possibly down some really steep hills on the sun where it might boil :slight_smile: )

chuckaeronut, Those ones actually came off of my Red Devil muni (although I had to replace the hoses), but my previous set from eBay that I had on my N36 were about £15 ($30) inc delivery. They weren’t the prettiest pair of second hand maggies around, but they worked just fine.


This may be a stupid question, but are you sure there are no steel or otherwise rustable parts that the water may corrode? Or… is it all plastic-lined inside the hose? The thought of using water sounds great! :slight_smile:

And… re: the prices, I’ll do my best! Thanks.

In all honesty - I’m not sure. However, I’ve read several threads in here (cba to search now though) that say trials riders swear by water, and lots of links to trials riders forums to back it up. It may be that in a couple of years time I’ll be eating my words (or tarmac) but I’m prepared to give it a go.


Looks awesome!

After looking at all the types of trips I want to do, I’ve realized that I want a geared 20", 24", 29" and 36". I have 3 non-geared uni now but for the 29" geared the one you have would be the way to go (except I prefer not having a brake and this might change once a ride more with a geared hub).

Hmm…nice Uni STM! I have one just like it.

I spoke to Dmitry at the time about making a Ti handle. It’s doable, I just didnt’ get around to emailing him the specs. I would have made a lower down handle than the T-7, but if Triton was still producing it would have been easy to do a few runs once I’ve perfected the handle I was happy with. I spoke to him about seat-bases too…but the thing is that Ti probably won’t work any better than other materials for flat objects.

The only thing I’d change is the MG-1s. It’s the lightest platform pedal out there, but I hate them. It feels like your standing on nothing. Gimme my Snafus anyday!

Good to see the carpet matching the curtains.

Nice Uni.

That has to be the most customised unicycle I have seen on the forum. It would be worth getting a custom T7 made for it, with a set up like that you could justify the price I think.

Good luck with RTL.


You have “the dream unicycle” period

In my humble opinion, you have “The dream unicycle” (Frame, hub, rim, and brakes). Best of all it’s a 29".

If I were to start from scratch and say money is no object that would be it except id change (tire, seat, pedals)

Nano Rapture tire
KH Fusion freeride seat
Snafu pedals
Vetta cyclometer computer

You are a lucky person. Its definately a keeper.


Why not put in some longer pins? I’ve had to do that on all of my pedals.

Wah Wah - My next pedal.
Low profile and light 478 g, $79 MSRP.

Loving the 29er Semach. I’d have to say this is pretty close to the ultimate touring machine for me as well.

The only thing that might make the uni more practical/lighter for me, would be a handle that mounts on the four bolts under the seat. Something like Corbin’s set-up (not sure if his mounts there, but it is definetely more practical in terms of the amount of metal used.)

Sweeeeeet build!

I would want the KH hub (well, it is what I have!); I’ve twisted/bent too many square tapered cranks.

I also would want it in the 36" size. A 29"er isn’t the ideal touring machine, even geared. (IMHO). More often than not, you’ll find yourself in the high gear. The lower gear is only good for really steep stuff. But, that’s just my opinion!


I think the 29er is a better touring machine, because it’s a lot easier to travel with or ship. Nice setup, certainly.

The Pedals Have to go, get these,

third pair.

Can’t you guys read? What makes this unicycle even sweeter than a 29" is that it is a 28".

I was thinking ultimately I would put a 700c x 23mm tire on like road bikes and have a lightweight rim to match- keeping the rotational weight to a minimum and optimising hill climbing efficiency. The cost of cutting back weight would be puncture resistance and also bump absorption, but would allow extremely high P.S.I. and smooth rolling while the road is smooth without glass. T-7 is not ideal as it would weigh as much as your frame, but it will do until something better comes out or if you can be bothered making something custom. I’m not sure what saddle I would consider ideal but lately I’ve been fairly happy with the standard Fusion freeride. It’s been so long since I used my CF airseat- but I doubt it would be more comfortable for long hauls. Awesome cycle! I’d ride with plastic (Oddessey Twisted PC) pedals cos they are cheap and light, but your ones look good too.

I heard back from Florian that the only weight difference between the road and muni hubs was 100 grams! It seems little price to pay for a sturdier product.

Awesome machine! I switched to M-1 pedals a couple of weeks ago and I love them.

I’d go road pedals + half clips, a little less weight, and better at keeping feet on pedals.

I’d dump the T7, go for a stock KH seat + non rail seatpost.

Coincidentally that is pretty much what I have.

If I was wanting to build an absolutely just road unicycle, whilst I wouldn’t go as mental as rowan suggested, as I’ve ridden mikefules 23mm unicycle and it really does suck as a general riding around unicycle, I’d use a less wide rim like say a velocity dyad (315g weight savings), and maybe even try a Schwalbe Marathon Racer 38mm tyre (200g weight savings), although I don’t know if the 38mm tyre might be a bit too much of a gear drop to make up for the 0.5kg less weight on the wheel.

Or, for a multi-purpose unicycle, I’d consider changing to the muni hub + KH29er frame, so I could run the double drilled 150/125mm cranks, giving me something that was good for road or muni without crank swapping. I’m thinking if I win the lottery / do any random bits of contract work etc. I’d like a 24 or 26" geared KH to use as a muni + travel machine.

By the way, the tyre/tube change is a real surprise after the big apple eh? I’m quite pleased I discovered that tyre.


I don’t know yet. the tyre only arrived yesterday (the Thompson post the day before), so I’ve not had a chance to test them out yet. It’s been a couple of months since I’ve had a Big Apple on there, so not sure if I’ll really notice the difference - but I’ll take your word for it.