The Ultimate Touring Unicycle? Nearly!

When I read up on water filling Magura’s people had problems with the seals corroding but if you add some antifreeze this helps reduce corrosion and should your uni be in a cold place it’ll reduce the chance of freezing. Personally I’ve only used Magura blood (I’ve still got a bit left from my original bottle) but I would use water in an emergency.

I would give this a go - well I will when I get round to it - as when I’ve seen the likes of Joe, John, Sam etc. using them it looks like the way to go (a bad UPD is still a little worrying though)

Nice looking uni but the…snip :stuck_out_tongue:

spencer - do you actually use the back bar on the t7? You could hacksaw it off and see if it makes a big weight difference.

If it really messes things up, you can always borrow mine until you get a replacement.

By the way, I’m sure you’ve looked this up too, but magura fluid is pretty similar to citroen suspension fluid, which you can buy in halfords.

I think it’ll be interesting to see what the water does to your brakes - if it lasts a few years, then it doesn’t really matter too much, as maguras aren’t super expensive. It does feel a bit different with the water in them I noticed at the weekend.

they’re the same thing 28" = 29" = 700c. At least on modern bikes and unicycles it is.


Water in the brakes

Even a tiny air bubble can make brakes feel spongy. On trials bikes, where instant solid brakes are real important, they use water because it makes it easy to bleed the brakes. If you are using water, you just put the whole brakes in a bucket and work it, tap and turn, to get out that last tiny bubble.

However, proper brake fluid will feel just as good, if they have zero air in them. It just takes more skill then the “bleeding them in a bucket of water” method, to get all the air out.

I see one other possible advantage. Brake fluid absorbs water from the air. On motorcycles, we change the fluid every year to avoid wheel lock, if the water contaminant boils. But then again, I guess the brakes on uni’s and bikes don’t get as hot. If they did you couldn’t use water.

They can be the same rim but the tires are different. 28" tires are narrower and 29" are fatter in my understanding. They are both 700c to be confusing.

I can’t find an adjective to describe this uni, it’s just too perfect!

The only thing I would change would be a seat like this guy’s

Although you need a carbon fiber base for it.