The Triton's competition

I have a friend who’s in the metal fabrication business and is interested in hearing about possibly making unicycle frames and seatpost’s. He can get a hold of ANY metal and welds so good it makes me cry. I talked with him today and tried to explain how he could try and break into the unicycle market and he seems really interested.

So I need some help from you guys on how I should go about getting him to commit to doing this. He lives and operates his business here in Texas so if your looking for a high quality frame, shipping won’t kill you. He’s already commmited to making dual-gusseted seatposts, but I really want him to make some ti frames.

It would be awesome if I could get some suggestions or help from you guys, as this could benifit everyone here in the U.S if he does this thing. Anyone have any ideas for the frame? The seatpost shouldn’t be too hard, but I’m not an engineer so help is appreciated.

it would be AWESOME if they werent as expensive as “trition”

i would be interested aluminum cause it would be cheaper
edit: i would buy one. :slight_smile:

We talked about building some aluminum 6061 frames, but like I said nothing is written in stone. All I’m trying to do is figure out what you guys want, then we can attempt to produce some and see how it goes.

I’m totally looking forward to the seatpost’s though! Broken seatpost’s ftl

that’d be soooo cool.

an awesome looking TI frame would be really cool. If the price was cheap enough, i’d gladly buy one.

Also, if it had a sorta unusual, and unique look to it. you can count me in.

Start sketching something up then! Like I said we want to hear what YOU want but at the same time we have to take into consideration durability, which will be the #1 priority

that would be awesome! :smiley: I agree, it should be kind of different and unique, i will try to think something up…

I want a magnesium frame, hopefully a shin friendly one and for a 36" wheel. Would be fricking sick.

Hmmm, I’d have to talk to him about mag frames. I know he can weld just about every metal there is, including ti, but I never asked about magnesium.

I’m sure if you’d be willing to pay he’d be willing to make it!:slight_smile:

Thanks so far for the interest though guys, and keep it coming

It’s similiar to welding aluminum, not nearly as hard as Ti

Then it shouldn’t be a problem. The main thing we need though as of right now is an actual spec. sheet on the frame itself. Seatpost’s will be fairly simple, but a frame is different. That’s why I’m hoping somone with a decent concept for structural intergrity and fame design will chime in.

hmmm… i’ll draw up plans this weekend as i nurse my ankle back to full health, again.

It’ll look pretty gangster, you dont know, he should like polish in things acid etch things and words in the side.

i’ll show you some drawings soon enough…

Man that would awesome if you could. We can worry about the final touches later (polish,etching,ect.) but like I said we need a solid design first and foremost. We also might not just be limited to one design either so keep that in mind

does anyone else have any ideas?

I would ask Sponge for his design for the Triton frames. That would be a good place to start.

i’d get one if they arent too much $$$, and something different. Im not much of a designer, but ill see what i can do!

i drew up plans, but my printer crapped out on me lol… It decided to make a real big beep, then say it needed to be reset… I’ll take a pic of em maybe.

I would like to see a Ti black domina frame (like the “Ti” without the Lolipop bearing holders). But make it so you can customize the tube size for those who want their seat low and those who want it high.

EDIT: I read the first page in the Triton thread, i guess it isn’t possible (or with OT4?) because it has to be 1mm tubing

If it turns out to be a quality product, there’s quite a good chance I’ll buy one once I could scrape the money together.

I’d definitely be interested in an aluminum or Ti frame, in a 29er size.

I was thinking, especially make the frame square tubing. It’d increase its strength a lot. Thats what my plan was, and then i had some braces where the seatpost connects to for frame legs. like that area, so you dont break the tube thing off… like Jon A has done.

I like how the nimbus frame looks, how it angles out and down and then the side pieces go over it a little.