Custom Made Titanium Frame's and Seatpost's

Incase anyone has not already heard, check this thread out for the details.

So the time has come at last. I talked to my friend about the frames and we have agreed on some issues that I think many of you will be quite happy with.

First of all, we will produce ANY size frame you wish to have and ANY design you wish aswell, all of which will be made completley out of titanium. We have agreed that we will make custom frames suited to the customer, in other words you pick the size and crown design, fork design, ect. This will enable complete customization and a sense of input on the frame itself as you will be telling us what you want with the frame. All frames will include machine bearing holders.

We will offer up our own designs however, if you feel that you do not want to make your own. I have 3 designs that I will be going over in the next week or two and will have the final dimensions up as quickly as I can.

As for the pricing, I don’t have a good idea yet as to how much this will be but just to be safe I would go ahead and estimate it somehere in the same ballpark as the Triton. However, this may fluctuate due to size and other options you feel neccesary to the frame. Please do not get your hopes smashed just because I said it’s close to the Triton frames. This is only a rough estimate, so please keep that in mind.

Titanium seatpost’s will also be offered for a decent price. They will include 2 gussets similiar to those found on the Qu-ax seatposts or pitifighter 2. No plans have been drawn up as of yet, but these are fairly simple to make so I will try and get picture’s of the real deal once we get this thing up an moving.

Feel free to PM me if you have any more questions, or just go ahead and post in here. However, DO NOT engage in an arguement in this thread and please try and keep this as professional as possible.

I need to know how many people are interested in this before we start buying up materials. So please post your interest and tell me exactly what, and how many items you want

I posted a couple paint designs that probably made more sense to me than anyone else, I think it would be a good design.

So my question is, what dimensions would I have to send to make it a viable option.

Bear in mind that I am jobless, need a car, and can’t uni right now, so my interest will be postponed until about August/September.

EDIT: For me, not as one of your default designs of course.

i am interested but it may take me awhile to earn enough money. i would get a 19" frame that is the design you posted unislab, unless you have another one that looks cooler;)

Send me the design you wish to have, and I can try and make it work. However it will make it much esier on me if you do it yourself. Although since you won’t be needing one for a few months I don’t see the need for me to rush this

Great! Just let me know when you have the money.

P.S., I should have a prototype frame shortly if this thing get’s off the ground so I’ll be able to show it to you in person

So you’re selling invisible frames of unproven designs of an unspecified material from an unknown manufacturer…

…are you expecting the money just to fall out of thin air and land at your feet?

Don’t you think you’re putting the cart before the horse?

Aside from the complete lack of proof that you’ve successfully built and tested a design, how is anyone to know you can accept their order?

What if your builder loses interest after making a few frames? Have you verified your supply chain(s)? What happens if a supplier runs out of material or closes up shop?

What about turnaround time? How are we guaranteed that we won’t have to wait 6 mos. for you to fulfill an order? Have you thought about how many orders you can take at once?

What do we do if our frame breaks – do you offer any guarantees? Any warranty services?

I understand you’re excited that you’ve found someone who may be able to build frames, but you haven’t convinced us that you’ve done anything more than that… and that is no business, my friend.

I may be interested. But it would have to be a 36".

At no point in my statement did I mention ANYTHING about accepting peoples money. The entire point of this thread is to get an understanding of how many people are interested in these. That way I have an idea of how much titanium to order for our first run and how many unit’s of each item to produce.

At no point do I say anything about how I’m ready to ship out, or for that matter how I’m ready to produce frames at the moment. If you bother to read I clearly stated I’m in the process of reviewing frame designs and if need be you can provide your own.

Please read carefully before you start questioning my intentions

This is true !
build some first and get the bugs worked out before you put them for sale.

If you would have taken the time to read the other thread you would know that there will be an extensive testing period before we start selling. You guy’s are missing the point of this thread. Im trying to get an estimate as to how many people are interested in buying these products upon completion, that way we have an idea of how much materials we need to get the first set of products made.

Wow this sounds great. I have a standard Kh20 at the moment. Would one of these seatposts and Frames make my KH lighter? I am guessing stronger as well.
How much is a Triton worth and what is a Triton made out of?

Looks intresting keep up the good work.

With customizing, Will you powdercoat the frame to the specified design? or cant titanium be powercoated?

Yes it can be powder coated.

Both these frames and Triton are Ti (titanium)

“Titanium is 60% heavier than aluminium, but more than twice as strong”

Titanium frames are lighter because they can use LESS material and still have it be STRONGER than aluminum.

That being said how light they are all depends on the quality of the Ti and the welding done on it.

Ok thanks kyle. I wonder if its worth chucking my kh20 frame off and saving for one of these.

Still anyone know how much a triton frame sells for?

Cool. Glad to see your able to do this stuff.

Sorry for the arguing and stuff guys, i was just getting frusterated with some people. I hope you can accept my apologies.

I’m in for a round crown trials frame, for a 19’’ or 20’’. (i got a nimbus rim, and maxxis CC tire, whatever that adds up to)

I’d be in for a seatpost as well, bolt pattern that of a kh saddle.

(i’m gauging this all at aroudn $500 - $600 of stuff, just so i can budget accordingly)


Edit: still, if you need someone to test something, i’d be your man.

re edit: I’m also guessing your frames wont be in production for another month? Can i safely guess that? Because, right now i need to spend money on a camera, which in around another 3 weeks, i’d have another thousand or so.

I’m fairly sure it’s a bad idea to put a Ti seatpost in a Ti frame. They do something called a chemical weld (I believe) and become impossible to separate. If this is wrong, please correct me–I’m not certain about it.

If the seatpost is for a different frame, then that’s a different story.

if your right, then if i snap this thing, i’d be able just to put it back together without welds.

(i’m highly unsure about what your stating.)

A bit of anti-seize or bike grease will completely prevent this. Or just making the seattube with an aluminum shim. I also am pretty confident the phenomenon you describe doesn’t really happen.

Now galvanic corrosion is another thing, but that only happens between dissimilar materials (having to do with electronegativity in chem terms, or just the energies of the lowest energy electron orbitals in p-chem or quantum physics terms. It’s closely related to how diodes work, actually)

Regarding the actual thread:
I think this is a terrible idea, simply because from the first post, unislab is saying all he has is a friend who has (unproven) abilities and access to equipment to weld titanium. He is assuming he can understand your designs (which, if they’re anything like what is generally posted on sites like this, are terrible vague and impossible to build from), execute them, and practice all of the surrounding logistics, and still break even, while satisfying the customers. Experience says he is wrong, but hell, maybe he’s exceptional.

Having not located a dependable supplier yet, and the assumption that he can make “any” design without regard to the very limited range of tubing choices available, I am skeptical of this project. But please, prove me wrong.

As for the seatposts, go to town on those. If you think you can do better than commerial offerings (which you just might), then try it out, but don’t go selling things or taking orders until you have.

Unislab, one piece of advice. Do not accept any design drawn in MS paint.

If it helps, I’ve found this place to be a great supplier of cheap titanium:

I could understand where your coming from, if you actually knew anything about what I’m doing. You assume I don’t have a supplier for any and all materials I need, if you bother to read my other thread you would know that has already been taken care of.

That being said, now that I know we can offer multiple frame designs, I can start on the real plans for the frames. Like previously mentioned, you would know this if you read. These will be posted as soon as I’m done, could be a couple weeks.

Calling into question the quality of the welder is understandable seeing as I have yet to provide any links to his previous work or anything of that nature. If you give me a day or two I would be more than happy to provide you with a link to the company he did some work for. I also just so happen to be in an industry where I see a TON of custom metal fabrication, and happen to be sponsored by a company where I can go in there and watch the CNC machine and welders in action, erego I know what quality looks like. You’ll just have to take my word for it until we finish.

Before you guys post any more questions do me a favor and read thoroughly

I also think somone mentioned something about powdercoating. If you like I can have that done for you for an additional cost. Although I would recommend anodizing it instead.

Hope this helps clear anything up.

I’ve done some reading on Ti and am wondering on the process by which you guys will weld the Ti.

Also, how much extra would anodizing the frame cost? What colors do you have and what’s the difference in anodizing vs. powdercoating.