the Triton

Thanks guys.

Thanks for noticing, thats what I was going for(minus the boring) If I used that editing technique in a video with super inpressive street tricks it would take away from the riding. Using it with simple pretty standard ridding gives it that fun to watch even tho the tricks arnt hard effect. Sorry you didnt enjoy it, I will get you next time.

Your videos look great. Premier is a fantasitc program and you are using it well. DV it the kind of thing where it helps to stick with your setup. Im not saying dont give FCP a shot, Im just saying dont waste money on it if you dont have to. Its the same with cameras, once you get use to someing your results are better when you stick with that brand.

Along with FCP I also use Motion, its part of FCP studio. Thats how I get the fancy titles and credits in my videso. With FCP you can still add in stuff from Photoshop but it wont be the same “seamless” effect as with Premier and After Effects.

Favorites, aww shucks. Haha thanks.
Most of this thread is about what program I used.

:o oH yes, sorry, but is it for MAC only? I don’t understand English very well! I love yorur vid’ guy!:wink: :o

:o yea its for mac only. The options for windows are either Premier or vegas. I dont have much knowlage on either of those. Personally I have always liked Adobe software, tho I think most of the digital video world (using windows) are using Vegas. Another option is Avid. Avid is becoming more popular and depending on who you talk to they may tell you is the way of the future.

Honestly tho. IF you want professional Vdieo (well really professional anything digital) you should be using a mac. The only reason you would ever want a PC over a mac is for gaming.

PLEASE DONT TURN THIS INTO A MAC PC DEBATE. It is not personal prefrence or opinion. It is FACT.

I think most of the digital video world (using windows) are using Vegas.QUOTE]

being a member of a skateboard forum i can tell you that most of them use adobe…but the ones who use vegas love it…however…a question about the triton…have you noticed an improved consistancy in your tricks with the lighter weight?

Short answer, no.
Longer answer, I wouldnt consider frame wieght as a factor in consistancy, pedals could make you more or less consistant. Although the frame does improve my consistancy. The reason being, I wont catch my pantleg on the crown and get tripped up. Something that would cause me to not land a trick every now and then.

If you watch the fall at the beginning of this video you can see that my pants were snagged by the frame.

Here is the still frame:

Picture 50.png

nice vid

the backround was very fresh so that was a plus to the vid

good editing, nice camera, the image was krystal

I don’t really know what to say… to be honest, the riding wasn’t great (considering I know you can do a lot better).

Editing was… diffrent, wasn’t the kinda editing I’d put in a video but it was refreshing.

I personally hate static camera angles.

Sorry if this sounds harsh, I’m trying to be constructive with my criticism.

Edit: On a lighter note, I did download the HQ version after first watching it on youtube :slight_smile:

me too but thats the only way i film. i dont have the luxury of my own camera man and i dont think AgentQ does either. Honestly i think that uni should start moving toward having filmers and not filming with tripods:D

Yea same, it realy suks, with the quality of my camera and the quality of youtube I find I need to be realy close to the camera or its hard to tell whats going on but without someone to follow me with the camera I find it hard to fit many tricks in so my videos just end up being clips of single clips of different tricks.

I would have liked to have seen at least a little trials. As that is what this awesome frame was designed for. I feel its a bit wasted on street and that seems what the majority of people will be using it for. :frowning:


Cool, the editing was pretty good in places. I like.

But I’ve never been a huge fan of street on flat, but meh, the aim of this vid was to showcase your new frame. I do however, look forward to you doing some big street in the next vid. The tricks you showed in this vid and the editing in places has potential for the next great street vid.

Yeah Edd, I did design this for mainly trials in mind, but it carries over to street well. Krisz Kovacs enjoyed this frame for the majority of the time Joe went over to Hungary, and from what I heard, he wanted to keep it very badly :p. Putting this frame in a proper street video would do Triton and myself proud. I’m all for it. What I’m not for is people doing fake flatland (i.e. street tricks on flat ground and off curbs), I’d rather they do one or the other properly instead of the shitty hybrid we know as ‘street on flat’. Sure, this is sorta what this vid had, but the good editing and the fact that it was meant to be a show-off preview vid for his next proper video makes up for it.

90% of vids these days are about the street/flatland hybrid style which is very dull to watch in comparison to proper street (kevin m) or proper flat (spencer h). Someone prove me wrong, and produce something similar to what Sam has done for this vid. Then at least the hybrid style is enjoyable to watch!

amazing editing and riding.

i loved it, your uber good at editing…keep it up

that frame looks sick 2, how much was it?

Well, just because Im not riding trials Doesnt mean I want to hit my knees and shins on the crown. Whenver I would go out and ride while forgetting my shin guards, I would end up rubbing my shin all over that right angle of the crown. Also, like I mentioned earlier I had problems catching my pants. Sponges design allows you ride wiht a alot of body and leg movment with less pain and less getting caught up. I dont see why I would have to be a trials rider to appreciate that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea I know what you mean about not enjoying street on flat. Honestly, for me, there is something I like about it for film. I grew up in a town with under 3000 people. I couldnt and cant always get to great street spots or even a simple many pad is tough. There is always flat somwhere and that is also what most street riders use to learn tricks. I feel there is a symbiotic relationship between my uni and flat pavement, even if I am not doing flat style tricks well… yet. I agree there should be as few hops as possible. One, really just one in a trick if needed and no more. I gotta work on this. Somedays Im on some off. For me and with the street spots I have to ride, I find the same set gets boring. I dont like re-using riding spots in my vids unless there is something special about the spot or trick im doing. And with flat you get to go find new and interesting backgrounds. You pick your backdrop, like a real artist. Just because I am not very good at most “flat” tricks doesnt mean I cant use flat pavement for the way I ride.
I will also add I would much rather be riding in big US citys like Boston or New York filming big street, tho that cant always happen to the rate I want to film. Ive been a filmaker longer than a unicylist. Tho I assure you as soon as the spring comes I will be taking the frame to the big city streets.

I only went on so much as to coincide with your knew thread and taking a more in depth look on uni - vids.
I prefer big street or true flat over this kinda hybird vid, but I do get bored of spots and run out of tricks:o Thats why I ride on flat cause I can learn new tricks while I find new spots. It gives me something to edit, which I find fun.

Thanks. The frame is 445 with shipping.

sik i like the frame

:thinking: how much did ya spend on da triton sqentq>?

cool vid. are you sellin your domina??

He said that like 2 post ago: 445$ with shipping.

Peter M

What? You cant read 2 little post above you? Untill you learn to read and write correctly please do not post in any more of my threads. Id rather not have to block my first person. Get over yourself and respect how this site works.

Never had one. I had a black free tricks. I Prolly will keep that around unless I come across someone who isneed of a nice uni built up.

haha take it easy buddy, so he didnt see. Id say youve got some issues if youre considering blocking someone for that.

on another note, liked the video and i dig the frame. I would love to grab one of those, but sadly the student loan strikes me down once again:(