the Triton

Hey kids. Another Uneed Film is here. Thought I’d go out and get some footage with my new Triton Sponge. Just left the camera on for 25 min and had some fun. Did some fancy tricks in the editing and cut her down to 3:35. Give it up for Sweatshop Union killin’ it on the track. I dare you to try and keep your head from nodding to the beat.

Download - HQ - great

Watch - Vimeo rocks the party - good

Rate - For the Youtubers - okay

Cool. So how does it ride?

Its stiff, responsive, light, comfy, I wont hit my knees and shins on the crown as much, and best yet no more snagging the pantlegs when landing tricks. I did more than enough foot on frame tricks in the vid just to show how it is Not a normall round crown frame. I am very happy with it… and well look how sexy it is.

Yeah it looks great, you got that right and I did see how it kind of sticks up which would aid in on the frame tricks. What was your old frame?
Anyway nice video and congrats on owning one of the worlds first Triton Sponge Frames.

WOW :smiley: That vid was sweeeeeet! Keep it up!

Man I always love your editing, I need to get myself adobe premier or something. Im making another vid now, WMM is so lame and anoying.

what editing program do you use to make your videos? looks technical!

was it really wirth the 300 bucks to buy it?

your editing is always so sick! I liked that smallflip (is that what its called) really nice an smooth…were you shooting longlens in that, didnt look like a fisheye, jw, nvm i just watched u must be zooomed a little caus i dont see tomuch distortion on the edges…unicycles pretty sweet too:D

I use Final Cut Pro. Its more like 1,300 dollars, but I got a better deal than that, on it. However I would have eventually paid that price if I had to. There is no better program to edit with, IMO.

No small flip, they are coming soon. I did do a couple differnt kinds of small spins.
I was zoomed in a bit for some of it, the reason there isnt much blur is because I soffened the edges(the black border).

Thanks for the comments guys. Keep 'em coming.

ya it was an inward spin, i wasnt payin attention, i was still thinkin about the crank roll before it:p

Nice vid mate!
Loved the riding and you have talent in editing!

Thanks, I hope I did the Trtion name justice with this one.

Yea, well switch. I still can only land one regular maybe 1 out of 10 times.

Very enjoyable to watch. You obviously have an artistic eye (as well as being a very talented rider).

nice frame and riding but I was super impressed with the editing.

i be honest herr…

realli egotistical and show off yeah the editing had good points but all da tricks on flat got boring. sorry dnt like. nice uni tho

good job
liked everything, riding, editing, music
maybe i should also get (…) that programm, if u think it is better than adobe premiere + after effects…

was cool that all the filming happened on the same place, just the camera position changed. this spot gave a great background to the scene.

ride on

I may use your editing software as well. Sometimes with Adobe, you need a few programs to finally get one thing going.

So with the program you are using, all of it is done within that program?

Could I still import designs and stuff from photoshop? It would be nice to learn another program.

Anyways, nice video, and nice frame.

Yeah! mee too, I love it, to favorites in Youtube :smiley: so Can you tell us what program have you used for editing please?