The Three Peaks Unicycle Challenge 2006

It sure ain’t gonna be easy and talking of weight I’ve been training so hard over the last three weeks that I’ve lost 8 pounds, hopefully I’ve trained hard enough, I certainly feel fitter than I have for many years.

Oh and the BBC are interested in doing a piece about this event for TV, I’ll post again when I know more.

BTW you can donate either online or send cheques, see bottom of the page


4 1/2 days to go… :astonished: :astonished:


We’ve done the filming, interviews (not a strong point of mine) and riding. I’m interested to see if he can make a half decent interview from it, should be some good riding bits though. It’ll be on;

BBC1 East Midlands Today 6:30pm Thursday 5th October 2006 (Sky 981)
Online at Nottingham | Latest News & Updates | BBC News after it’s aired.

Don’t forget it’s not too late to donate.


Looks like it’ll be on Friday 6th now as don’t think he finished the editing in time and as we’re travelling up to Scotland tomorrow I’ll not get to see it 'till Sunday.

Good luck.

  • The lights are charging
  • The muni has been thoroughly fettled
  • The pile of clothes is growing
  • I have all the jelly babies in the world!
  • I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard “you really are insane!” recently… :slight_smile:

Tue will be on the road already; it’s going to be a long weekend, but an awesome one!


Have fun, I’m with you spiritually.

And I was hoping to pick some up tomorrow! Damn! :roll_eyes:

Just to get you in the mood. The forecast is for gales, rain and -4 to -7deg C windchill on the summit of Ben Nevis. Can’t wait! :smiley: :smiley:
I suppose the snow that’s forecast Friday night and Saturday morning (for the summit of Ben Nevis) would have melted by the time we get there.:frowning:

See you tomorrow.
p.s. are you sure you have all the jelly babies?

Well we are on the way now… but a little bit late. Gary’s van broke down so we set off 4 hours late! Just passing Glasgow now. :slight_smile:

Photos to come.


Hope the weather isn’t too miserable, have a good ride.

K, K, T & D

Here is the pre ride tuning… Steve was a little bit excited.


Best of luck guys, 'ave it!!!

Well that is one down two to go! 5 hours in the most terrible conditions. It was raining and blowing a gail all the time! the forcast was -8 degree wind chill on the top, so if we look unhappy that is why!

We are now in the hands of our drivers Paul and Miark to get us to the lakes in good time. We are almost exactly on schedule at the moment, but do remember that there was no spare time in this shedule to allow for slack.

The next mountain is totally in the dark which should be fun. :slight_smile:

More reports and photos when we get out of the lakes tomorrow.

Roger (with a bunch of nutters!)





sorry for the quality of the photos on the top but that was about what we could see on the top as well!

To give you some idea of the wind… going down hill, into the headwind… and we just did not move!


Paul is getting frustrated by the amount of traffic lights going through Glasgow… Mad acceleration for half a mile until we get stopped at the next lights… along with Steve warning using his tomtom where the speed camara are!


Well done fellas!
It looked bleedin’ cold and wet up there.
Hope the next two aren’t so bad.

Two down one to go.

Scarfell Pike in the dark was hard and it is now very tight to do but still just possible. It was all going to plan until we got into clould and had white out. Even with the HIDs we were struggling to see the cairns which were only 5m apart. We spent half an hour struggling on a boulder field.

Roger (and the bunch of madmen)




Forecast for Snowdon from the Met Office website - I still wish I was there!
Forecast for daylight hours for SUNDAY
Rhagolwgar gyfer oriau’r dydd DYDD SUL
Hazards / Peryglon
Hill fog, strong wind

General situation / Sefyllfa cyffredinol
A ridge of high pressure will move away to the east and allow weather fronts to encroach from the southwest later today.
Weather / Tywydd
Some bright or sunny spells are likely this morning but generally it will be a cloudy day. During this afternoon the cloud is likely to thicken and light rain may break out across Snowdonia towards the end of the afternoon. However, any heavy rain is not expected to occur until after dark.
Visibility / Gwelededd
Mostly good at 15 to 25 kilometres but falling 10 kilometres in any rain later. Very poor visibility at 500 metres in any hill fog.
Cloud base / Gwaelod y cymylau
Broken cloud with bases mostly above the tops this morning but areas of cloud will lower to 700 metres at times this afternoon and give hill fog.
Wind and temperature 900m / Gwynt a thymheredd 900m
Southerly 25-30 mph increasing 35-40 mph by the end of the afternoon. Temperature, Plus 08 Celsius.
Freezing level / Lefel rhewi
Above the peaks.

Roger, wish you guys the best of luck, you can do it! Is there going to be a report and some pictures of it when you’ve completed your insane task? I’ll put it on