The Three Peaks Unicycle Challenge 2006

I would like to announce The Three Peaks Unicycle Challenge 2006.

We have gathered together a small team of unicyclists for this challenge, six riders and two support drivers, to raise money to buy a new wheelchair for my son.

We will be attempting the UK’s National Three Peaks Challenge with unicycles on 6th / 7th October 2006. If you’re not familiar with this event it consist of reaching the summit of the highest peaks in Scotland (Ben Nevis), England (Scaffell Pike) and Wales (Snowdon) in 24 hours. As far as we are aware this has never been attempted on unicycles before.

More details can be found here. We would be very grateful to anyone who can support us.


Ouch, that’s gonna hurt. Good luck to you all - that will seriously be amazing - surely the driving time alone will take up around half of the time? Can’t wait to see the photos…

Just a couple of things to add. The 6 riders and 2 drivers are all spread out across the UK and so it will take the whole of Friday the 6th just to get to the start, in Fort William, Scotland. We’ll be starting the challenge on Saturday the 7th as detailed on the link above.

The actual challenge will be completed only once we’ve made it down the last mountain, Snowdon, in Wales (in 24hrs of curse). So, all-in-all, all 3 mountains have to be ascended and descended in that time.

Please help support us by sponsoring as much as you can. Some of us are sacrificing a days pay so that we can raise money for Wraith.


Best of luck guys

There’s now a link at the bottom of ‘The Three Peaks Unicycle Challenge’ website for online donations.


Unfortunately I agree… I think this is going to be one on the hardest events I have done, it will be even harder that the SSMM 24hour race!



Some tips

I’ve done Snowdon & Scafell Pike (on a 20" Ringmaster with the T saddle :> ) the Ben defeated me due to mud.

You may fine the summits of Scafell Pike & Ben Nevis impossible as they are mostly shattered lava (Scafell pike is way the worst as the observatory path on Ben Nevis is quite nice).

I don’t know it you have looked at routes, but the common route up Scafell Pike (brown tongue) I discounted as its pretty unremmitting, I went up from seathwiate, which was OK apart from the coll to the summit.

Snowdon I went up alongside the railway, its not the fastest way up (thats one of the trails like Pyg or Miners) but it is pretty easy, just a long & not too steep slope

Anyway Have fun & good luck

Ps. Post a full report as I want to redo the 2 & do Ben Nevis next year

Hats off to you chaps that sounds like a monstrously epic venture. The best opf British to you!

Bumpity bump :smiley:

Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances one of our riders, John, has had to pull out. :frowning:

Fortunately we quickly found another rider, Tue, who is bonkers enough to join us. (I don’t consider us to be bonkers but it’s what I’ve just been called by someone who was making a donation :smiley: )

Only two weeks to go!!!


We found that riding the miners and then climbing to the summit was a lot easier than grinding up the long slope of the llanberis path, and certainly alot quicker.

Thats going to be a LOOONG weekend for Tue, he lives at the “other” end of the country, he’s nearly going Lands End to John O Groats and back.

Yes and we want more committments of MONEY! :smiley:

What time will you be starting the Snowdon ride?


Tue is going to be travelling by far the most and I’m very grateful he stepped in at such short notice.

Early Sunday morning, the earlier the better :slight_smile: Exact times are unknown but we’re aiming to finish in Llanberris Sunday 8th Oct before 13:00hr

It has just dawned on me that i’m going to travel somewhat in excess of 1500 miles to spend a weekend with some bonkers munifriends - I must be out of my mind, which, come to think of it, is probably a good thing.
Anybody up for the worlds first unicycle traverse of the Greenland icecap?


Bump… is what I nearly did into various things after being dazzled by looking into my new 35W lights this lunch time. How’s that for tenuous excuse for a bump? (Scarfell Pike will be a night walk/ride)

With only one week left to go, I’m getting more excited. Woo. Dark, rain, altitude, exhaustion, pain, cloud, fog, blood, tears, cold… can’t wait :smiley:

One of my collegues did Three Peaks a few years ago, and reckons that in October you’re guarenteed snow on the ‘Ben’. He also said that half of their walking group of six didn’t finish it - due to being overweight. Tis’ not easy apparently!

So stop thinking about it and get that donation in :slight_smile:


I met a guy last week who did it and failed to do it… over 3 days! Apparently weather on Snowdon failed them and they could not get to the top.