The Ronnie Rampage is over!

This is a follow up to my post from a few weeks ago: Risky Business: The redneck, the SIF hop and the bouncer. (mild profanity)

I was out riding again tonight on my trials uni and came upon Ronnie one more. I was riding past him and a group of people leaning against his car and Ronnie yells to me, “Hey! I remember messing with you, get over here!” I simply replied “No!” and did a 180 rode it out backwards and whipped it back around to show off to his friends a little as a I went by. He then hollers to me “Do it again, fag!” So I did and the girl who was with him last time replied “Well there, he did it again.” Ronnie Grumbled and I rode on. It seems Ronnie is no longer looking for a physical confrontation, hooray!

Good to hear you won’t have to bash any heads and that you can ride in peace again.

I was actually expecting you to say that Ronnies in jail, cause that seems to be where he’s heading.

Give it time, give it time.

i read ur other story…thats funny…
yeah some people are really stupid but you just got to put up with them.
maybe ronnie will die of a heart attack…

“If you sit by the river long enough, you will see the body of your enemy float by.”

Hmm, what if your enemy is sitting further down the river?

then you better watch your footing.