The Proxy - TRIALS


so yesterday I filmed and then edited and this is it…

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your insane isaac, riding was really good and i LOVED the edit

keep it up dude

your better than me already:p

wow isaak! i don’t know what i should write… keep it up



Wow! I’m not going to lie, those standstills are getting reallly good!

Nice vid, that stillstand was very long!
But I think you should have been filming some other places, not just outside your huose.

Nice video, you are a very good trials rider!:wink:

Yeah. nice job with the video as a whole but, man, that stillstand was great

The standstill was just amazing and the lines with the stairset where you hopped from the box directly to the top of the set really surprised me !

Awesome vid and congrats on the pedal grab !


Nice work, you’re getting really good fast.
I dig the still stand. Nice pedal/crank up the sandwich board, that was smooth.

By far your best video! Edit was really nice and not overdone. The riding is getting really good with your amazing stillstand, pedal grabs, 3 spins, and the hops are getting higher! Good job.

It was okay.

I like the music and the editing, but all your videos only really have like a couple different lines/ tricks in them.

Thanks everyone,

I will film a ton more spots when all the snow goes away. And about the standstill, Ive only practiced standstills hard like 3 times:p

More comments and advice is very much appreciated.:slight_smile:


I liked the editing.

The still stand was alright, but it lacked credability. For all we know you could have been holding onto something. And it was long, I would have sped it up :smiley:

I wasnt holding onto something, I wouldnt have put it in. After I filmed getting my whole body, but I only standstilled like 20 seconds…

youriding is getting SICK. those standstills were nuts. great job…keep it up isaac

have you tried riding a rail yet?

Umm not hand rails…but yes like 1 1/2" wide…My next vid will be much better, more variety, and better riding too…hopefully

Dont worry Emile. My next vid will have much better filming.


Yea I need to work on still stands…they’re not coming to me as easy as I’d of hoped like jumping did

As far as i see it, no-one is worth watching a video of unless they are actually good. i.e im not saying im great, im still definetly not worth watching yet. but your riding on all these videos i watch come to me as bland. i hope im not the only one that thinks so. but on the other hand i was impressed with your standstills, i cant do them worth crap.