The Proxy - TRIALS

Stop comparing him to pros, compare him to yourself.

Shut the F*** up.

continue on with the comments but not u shay cam.
just shut up.
we put our videos on here to show ourselves off and show how we are improving. If u keep saying all our videos are bland and not worth watching, then i better not ever see one of your videos on youtube or any other hosting site.
I for one love watching Isaac strut his stuff on a uni.
All everyone here is trying to do is give some constructive critisism. and you are just outright dissing him. wait. accually i do want to see one of your videos. make a short like 1:00 minute video of your self and link it in the thread.
we will all see how good you are.

Sorry isaac. Continue peoples.

That wasnt a useless comment at all… as i said before, im not worth watching either, and i even said good things about him, so dont tell me that im dissing him because it IS just constructive critism. Im not even much better then him and i say to myself i would NOT enjoy watching myself because im still not at that point where im that good. but i HAVE been riding for about two years now and i KNOW good from bad. And i WILL video myself and show you how good i am. i will not even edit crashes to show how many tries something takes. Just because you want to make me prove myself? ok then…

EDIT: And as for you danni. look at the message before you post. I did compare him to myself.

EDIT AGAIN: friend is coming over this weekend with video camera.

I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but people don’t always post videos of themselves for internet fame. They post them to show what skill they have, show improvement, compare to others, and fufill boredom.

Thats just what i thought he was doing. its not that hes bad, like i si were to ride with him in real life i would probably be impressed, im justing saying its not really the funnest thing to watch unless your SUPPOSED to be telling him what hes doing wrong. i think hes good at riding im just saying he doesnt need to make, what 25 videos of him doing the same thing in most of them.

well you dont have to watch him.

Never said i had to. I was stating a point that needed to be made.

You stated a point coming from you and your opinion. It didn’t NEED to be made. Most on the forum could have done without it.