The Orange Holm (modified KH uni)

Has everyone seen this? It’s so nice, I love it! This is Peters unicycle (probailer2), and it looks so nice, I love the look. So awesome.

Specs (sorry, in Dutch):

-KH Street Fusion Street cover, foam, bumper en hendel= 22,80€ CF seatbase = 59,00€
-CrMo seatpost 27.2mm = 13.90€
-Oranje Koxx One seatpost clamp = 7€
-KH 2007 20" frame, “raw look” = 119€
-KH Moment hub, zwart gespoten = 49,00€
-KH Moment cranks 137mm = 59,00€
-Odyssey Jim Cielencki pedalen = 29,90€
-Oranje Try-all street rim = 59,00€
-20X2.5-2.7" binnenband = 7,90€
-Maxxis CC 20X2.5" trialband = 34,90€
-Eight ball valve cap = 2,90€
-KH spaken, 36 stuks = 16,20€
-Spuitbus grondlaag en spuitbus zwart = 12€

Totaalprijs = 492,5€ (prijs zonder verzendkosten en zonder korting)

What do you guys think?


P.S He thanks Roland from for it.

Do Koxx do a CrMo seatpost now? or is it just a CrMo seatpost Peter has stuck a Try-all sticker on to?

Looks great, (but I might have got the KH Fusion Street saddle in Orange just to finish off the orange look)


It’s a sticker on his seatpost, I printed that one :smiley:

thats pretty sweet, just needs the frame painted camo green.

and get rid of the dustcap it looks horrible (i hate those fancy dustcaps lol)

Haha, you crazy Mike :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks for the topic.
Anyway, it all stays like it is now: no camo and no getting rid of the 8-ball.
I like it the way it is.

Peter M

dang that looks sic…

that is one amazing uni

Just like mine, except mine is more scratched up and my rim has holes in it

damn that looks nice

did you paint the moment hub black?

That looks awesome.

looks like mine too except for the cranks the pedals and the saddle
cranks: koxx 140mm
pedals: lo pro mag specialized
saddle: miyata with carbon fiber seat frame

i have only one question how did you succeed in getting off all the paint (sorry for my english)

aa I can’t resist posting my KH here as well, I’m just so proud that I built my own wheel

I have a KH street saddle for it as well but I don’t really like the fusion cover. I think I’ll get the Koxx1 Luxury saddle, it looks perfect, ultra thin and no fusion.

just yesterday I was talking to Kevin M about what if somebody painted their KH to look like a K1 uni. both uni’s in this thread are freaking sweet looking.

Yes I painted it myself, not so hard wrok and a lot cheaper then powdercoating.

To Bobousse:
I know that your uni is almost the same, saw your vid and read the topic.
I did remove the paint with the help of a can of paint remover and some sandpaper.
You can buy paint remover in every local do-it-yourself shop. (don’t know the real names:p)

Peter M

can i have it?

No, sorry dude I just love it to mutch :smiley:

Peter M

You need some orange cranks

A job well done

That uni is soooo sweet. It’s almost cute.
I used to think that fancy dust caps were tacky until I saw that. It goes so well.
I wouldn’t change a thing. Too much orange is scary. Yours has the colour balance spot on on.

yes , it’s grainly , but micka has a very sweet uni

Hahah, thanks dude :slight_smile:

Peter M