The "official" Muni Tyre Review Page

I’ve ordered the Surly DW to try on my new oracle 26 - can’t wait…

I picked up a dirt wizard 120 tpi about 6 weeks ago and have been riding it on my 26 oracle. My lack of experience doesn’t place me well to give a review, regardless, here is my review. Prior to this I had the stock Duro tire which was my first muni so I have nothing to compare it against. I never seemed to find a PSI that I liked (possibly due to my inexperience) and I generally found it quite difficult to turn, especially at lower speed. At lower pressure I would hit the rim when hopping and at slightly higher I would UPD under normal riding. Immediately after switching to the DW I found the uni to be much more responsive, easier to control and faster. It took me a little time to get the right pressure for hopping and have now accomplished this without the higher PSI effecting me, which could be due to my increase saddle time and subsequent comfort. I found my cadence increased significantly and did have to change from 165 cranks to 150’s, I have noticed no difference in my climbing (or lack of) ability. I practice climbing on a steep grass embankment that has often been wet and it has never lost traction going up or down. I will be interested to see how it quickly it wears. I try to ride 3-5 hours per week with about a 50/50 split of road and trails.

I tested the DW 26x2.75 120 tpi not too much off road - hard pack with small rocks - but mostly road (30/70)
Unnoticeable rolling resistance, excellent turning, very good grip, lots of volume and easy to get the pressure nailed … I really love this tyre.

Dirt Wizard 120 TPI Tubeless

I wanted to post my experience with attempting ghetto tubeless on the dirt wizard 120 TPI and a dominator 2 rim.

My reasoning for wanting to set this tire up tubeless was that the pressure I liked was getting a lot of rim strikes when hitting roots etc., and tire fold whilst hopping. I tried increasing the pressure but didn’t like the feel so I decided to give tubeless a go.

I was able to set this tire up tubeless with great ease using: gorilla tape, threaded schrader valve cut from an inner tube, and orange sealant (4oz). I used the old rim strip on the outside of the tire to help the tire keep its shape and then inflated it first time using a co2 cartridge pump.

The tire held air well, I found about 15 psi had a feel that I really liked whilst reducing rim strikes and fold. Unfortunately that is the good, the bad was excess burping when hopping which would very quickly diminish the tire pressure to the point that I hated the feel. So, today I went back to the tube. However, I would definitely go tubeless again but this time I would do 2 things different:

  1. Use a tubeless ready tire (Probably a Scwalbe Hans Dampf Evo Gravity), 2) Pony up the money for proper rim tape as the gorilla tape was very difficult to remove after only 4 weeks.

Second thoughts

Today I tested on rocky terrain and at the 120 TPI is not a good tyre for this type of trail. What a disappointment :frowning:
The sidewalls are too soft, maybe the 75 would do better.

I decided to try the Hans Dampf … will so how it goes hopefully tomorrow

So in the B*ke world. There is a new tire size B+, which is fat 27.5 tires. There are only two out right now. WTB trailblazer which is 27.5x2.8 and the Vee Trax Fatty 27.5x3.25, the one I’m thinking about buying. These both look like they could have potential for being good unicycle tires.

I’m dreaming of a maxxix ardent in 24 size… Does it exists?

I’ll actually be building a unicycle up with a trax fatty once the tire comes back in stock. I’ll be modifying a frame and adding a brake. I’m planning to powdercoat the rim, frame, and hub because if I’m going all out, I’ll go all out. I’m going to post pictures as I get it done.

Maxxis makes the High Roller 2.7" tire in 24" size. But it is rare and hard to find.
Tire weight is heavier than the 26" tire because sidewalls are thicker, but lighter than a Duro 24x3. It’s a great tire for smaller and lighter riders, although riders riding very aggressively on a 24" are probably better with a 24x3.

Yeah… I typed “maxxis 24x2.7” on the search engine… and the answer was: “get a girlfriend, m8!”.
It seems some obscure forces don’t want me to try other tires…
Is there another option? Something that’s big enough for cushion, grips enough and it’s lighter than the duro?
I’m quite light: 63 kg.
Forgive me if this has already discussed.

You can have a look at the 24 Muni tires thread to have a better idea of what riders liked/disliked.

However, the tires in-between the Duro and the usual lighter tires are getting harder to source (like the Maxxis HighRoller 2.7 or the Kenda Kinetics 2.6 Killian had).
Maybe you’ll get luck and you find some old-stock / second-hand tire. Otherwise, you will have to choose between the Duro with its cushion/weight balance or try a lighter and slightly smaller tire with less cushion but making your unicycle nimbler. In this second case, you have for example the Schwalbe Fat Albert 24x2.4 (62-507) that is way lighter and still a good volume (the Duro is a 24x3.0 (75-507) ). On the upside, modern tires tend to use sticky rubber so the grip is improved compared to the everlasting Duro hard rubber.

Depending on where you live, you may have other riders around with different equipment to try before buying :slight_smile:

Get instead Schwalbe Big Betty 24*2.4 if you can.
Schwalbe(big betty, muddy mary) are just perfect, far better than maxxis ardent IMO (and mesure as told…).

Rim width?

I’ve been riding a Hans Dampf for the last 6 months and loving it, except for the occasional pinch flat around 20psi. So I’m going to go tubeless which doesn’t seem easy on the KH freeride rim. Time for a new rim, and to scale up to 27.5 :slight_smile: The Nextie carbon rims seem tempting - I’m thinking 50mm might be wide enough to avoid the weight of the SG version (yes I’m a weight weenie despite weighing around 190lbs) Is that going to work tubeless with the snakeskin tyre? Or would you go a narrower rim and the SG?

I’ve been using 120tpi Surly 26 x 2.75 Dirt Wizard mounted tubeless using the split 24" inner tube method on KH 26 muni 2012 model 150mm cranks, for about a month now, riding rocky and rooty trails, some mud, not much pavement or road. Haven’t used many other tyres but this has been the best yet: find I can ride uphill over roots and small step-ups and with a minimum of 16psi for my 82kg no autosteer. No burping and no trouble on rocks. Grippy. Turns fine on dirt. A bit of resistance to turning on sealed surfaces but who cares, give me single track or a fire trail! So far this tyre is my best friend.
Previous tyres Maxxis ardent 2.6 and Specialised something 2.3

Specialized Purgatory Control 2Bliss Ready 6Fattie 27,5x3.0

Not tested yet, 'cause I don’t have the wheel yet since it’s gonne be a Schlumpf wheel :slight_smile:

Schwalbe Nobby Nic 27.5x3.0 and Rocket Ron 27.0x3.0 are out!
See here

The Nobby Nic 3.0 is an awesome tire! I tried it on a Norco Torrent Demo bike from the company, I loved it! The nobs are big and super grippy like most Schwalbe tires. I was satisfied :stuck_out_tongue:

Nobby Nic 27.5x 3.0 and Rocket Ron 27.5x 3.0

Good Stuff :slight_smile:

I currently ride on a Nokian Gazzaloddi dual 26x2.6, the original tire on my 6 year old Nimbus 26. I love it, but then again it’s the only tire I’ve ever had, so I have no frame-of-reference.

Thinking perhaps it’s time to try something different. The Gazz seems to have a very flat square profile compared to some tires I’ve seen like the Duro Wildlife Leopard 26x3 or Schwalbe Nobby Nic, which look like they have a much more rounded profile. I’m guessing this would make them turn much easier.

The Schwalbe Nobby Nic comes in 26x2.1, 2.25, 2.35. Go widest? This tire also comes in a few variations – wired / folding bead, compound, etc. Best for muni?

Suggestions or just stick with my Gazz?

I suspect that it’s also the only one of those you’ll ever have. I’ve been unicycling for less than three years but they were long gone, and from what I could tell barely remembered, by the time I started.

I have a Duro Wildlife and it’s a heavy beast of a tire compared everything I’ve tried. Maybe not so much compared to the Gazz. I mostly ride a 2.6" Maxxis Ardent, which is plenty capable for what I do and not nearly as tiring as the Duro. I’m an old plodder and don’t catch a lot of air or do big drops, and it seems to suit me.

I don’t know where the Nobby Nic lines up among Schwalbe’s offerings. They seem to have a lot of models and variants, and they change from year to year as well. I also have a Hans Dampf Super Gravity bought based on recommendations here, but I might have done better to get the lighter, cheaper non-SG model because it seems just about the same as the Ardent. My idea was for it to be an alternative to the Ardent and it isn’t so much. (Btw, did Maxxis change their size markings? I haven’t seen 2.6" Ardents for sale in a while but mine’s exactly the same size as my 2.35" HD SG.)

I see good things on the MTB forums about Hans Dampf, Muddy Mary, and Magic Mary, not much love for the Nics. But maybe that all changes with the '15 or '16 models, and anyway it might all be different for unicycles. I can’t imagine many people being in a position to have tried more than just a few of them.

If you like the Gazz then you probably don’t mind heavy tires and you’d likely be best off with the biggest size. Sometimes there’s no substitute for tire volume. The trend for muni seems to be toward fatter and fatter tires. There are some smaller baby-fat models from Surly that might fit your frame and rim, that I’d be looking at if I was shopping now. But if you’d like to try a narrow profile, you might also want to move to a 29" wheel to maintain the rolling diameter, which seems to be a key to that style of riding.

For compound, there are three common ones for Schwalbe tires: PaceStar, TrailStar, and VertStar from hard to soft. Probably go with the softest you can find? If you ride it enough to wear it out, good for you, you’ve earned a new one!

Dunno if any of that helps. I’ll be interested in seeing what others have to say and what you wind up with. Good luck!

Edit: I should have scrolled up; Jaco loves the 3.0" Nobby Nic! But he’s got the 27.5". Do they sell a 3.0" 26" version? I’m not shopping so I didn’t look very hard but it didn’t turn up right away.