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I can see that being a great idea!

Only concern is will it work with the wider rims? Such as the 47mm wide rims.

Calling Nurse Ben…

Calling Nurse Ben. Calling Nurse Ben. How does it ride sir?


The tread pattern of the 2-ply High Roller (hyperlinked) looks nothing like the tire on Lance’s uni (Holy Roller). In fact it looks kinda dreadful for unis. (See bwrightback’s thread: Lose control with fatter tires?).

Caveat emptor!

I don’t think that our resident gear… expert… has used one of those but I could be proven wrong.

I built a very crude version years ago but never used it. There was a bunch of talk about them and some experimentation over at the mountain bike forums at the time.

We could probably start a thread on pneumatic bead locks, it’s a neat subject but could we keep this one on the topic of tires please?

The Holy Roller is more of a BMX dirt jumping tire, not a muni tire. The High Roller is a good one, and is the standard tire on the KH 26"

I was browsing around and just happened to notice listing a Try-All Stiky Lite 26" Rear Tire, 2.5" wide, currently in stock. I’ve seen Try-All tires mentioned in some of the earliest posts to this thread but nothing lately and I had kinda figured they must be things of the past. Guess not! Has anyone been using them all along? Would it be worth trying one now?

As it happens, I’ve got a 26" Hans Dampf Super Gravity on its way to me right now so I’m not super tempted. But I’m curious enough to want to ask about it.

What ya’ll were waiting for right? Ride review to come in a week or so.

I am quite curious about this tire, which one did you get? 120 TPI folding or the 27 TPI wire bead?

I am considering getting the 120 TPI version to go on my 50mm rim for a nice light high volume setup that will fit in a KH frame.

The Surly Dirt Wizard (26 x 2.75):

Truth in advertising so far.

I’ve been running the 27 tpi version on a KH 47mm rim (tubed) in a Schlumpf wheel. The volume/weight (sub 1100g) ratio is quite nice. Traction is consistent. Cornering is predictable. I’ve been surprised on the trail by leaves covering mud through corners a couple of times and even though I slid, the tire worked predictably. No real noticeable pull in off camber situations either.

I’ve been looking for a good predictable tire with a 2.5"+ volume that didn’t feel like a boat anchor when in second gear. So far, so good. It most recently replaced a Bontrager XR4 Team Issue (a big 2.35 and sub 800g) which suffered from lack of traction in off camber situations. It also was difficult to find a pressure with that tire that allowed some bump absorption without being squirmy.

The Dirt Wizard is a fine tire. It did have some problems in 3" of peanut butter mud, but I haven’t found a tire that didn’t. When this one eventually wears out, I’ll buy another.

I can’t comment on the Dirt Wizard 120tpi version, but my personal preference for sidewall stability seems to require a tire weight of around 1000g. The Bontrager was nice and light, but the casing was just not good for muni for me. I’d be interested to hear other’s opinions on the lighter version, but I’ll probably stick with the 27tpi.

27tpi vs 120tpi

What are the advantages of having a 120tpi tire compared to a 27tpi tire. I have the Surly 29 x 3-27tpi right now. When it comes time to replace I was just wondering if the 120 tpi is worth the extra money. Thanks.

Does anyone have any reviews, comments or criticism on the Dirt Wizard yet? I am thinking of swapping out the Duro Wildlife on my Oracle 26.

The Dirt Wizard is a good tire; that’s the tire I currently have on my uni. It feels incredibly similar to the Maxxis High Roller 26x2.7 currently spec’d on the KH26 and the tire volumes are the same. I’d say both of these tires are as good as the other.

It will be somewhat more pinch-flat prone than the Wildlife but will feel very noticeably lighter.


Does anyone know the real width of the dirt wizard, on a 47 mm KH rim?

Dirt Wizard on KH 47mm:

Width: 65mm casing, 70mm knob.
Height: 50mm casing, 55mm knob.

These are just eyeballing with a tape measure. I couldn’t quickly find the calipers.

It does indeed have a nice volume to it. The ride quality is great. Now I’m waiting for the 29" version.

Thanks Dave,

That is pretty close to a Schwalbe Muddy Mary 2.5 on a 47mm KH rim.
I took the Muddy Mary off, because of the high weight (1000 gram) and rolling resistance, which was very noticable in high gear.
I now use a Schwalbe Rocket Ron 2.25, which makes the uni much more controlable in high gear. I sometimes miss the large volume.

A high volume lightweight tire would be ideal.

I bought a Muddy Mary for my DH setup, the resistance is ridiculous. The tire is so square I feel like my brake is rubbing all the time. But, the tire resists to everything. I still haven’t had a flat on it and I’ve been riding really hard on it. Not even thinking about absorbing the shocks for that wheel/tire. :slight_smile:

The Muddy Mary is great in first gear. Endless grip, great volume and shock absorbance. But it spoils the ride in second gear, too much resistance and weight. :angry:
I feel much more confident in 2e gear with a light tire, so I ride a lot more in second gear :slight_smile:

Well no, I have been out of the loop, so I have not ridden this two chamber tire. Honestly, I really like my HD SG 650b tubeless, so I am probably done for a while on tire testing until someone builds a 32" muni tired for Walmart Super Cruiser special.

The Dirt Wizard is kinda neat, BUT, if it’s running the same casing as the Knard, then it won’t be nearly enough tire for the folks who like running a Duro. You either run a bunch of pressure and end up with a hard bouncy tire, or you run low pressure and get a sloppy ride.

Personally, I no longer see the need for a fat tire on a daily muni, it’s slow, harder to turn, and since you can get as burly of a tire in a narrower and lighter design, they are just old school.

Look for Enduro targeted tires like the Hans Dampf Super Gravity, they are great muni tires.

The Dirt Wizard is great in both 1st and 2nd. Rolling resistance is not a problem. The volume is very nice in the Dirt Wizard. I would have liked to try the Maxxis Kris speaks of, but have had a lot of difficulty in finding it aftermarket.

No problems with the Dirt Wizard. Finding the right pressure wasn’t too bad. I don’t run the in the teens or less on anything but the 4" tires though.

The 26" Duro is a very heavy tire.

Im currently using this tire on a 40mm carbon rim and Im thoroughly impressed with the performance so far.

My first impressions when I had the tire in hand was that the sidewalls were super thin, which bummed me out a lot. I pumped the tire up to 35psi and went for a ride. One thing I notice when tires are at high psi is that the uni wants to track in its own position. THIS DID NOT happen one bit and I was quite happy with that, I can ride with high psi for those rocky trails now! The tread pattern reminds me of the high roller, lots of people say its a kickass tread design. Second ride was longer with mixed surfaces, road/hard pack/loose/rocky. I lowered the psi until it felt like a smooth but not bouncy ride. Overall the tire did great! Only thing I noticed was that during high speed corner the tire felt to fold over and slide out, I think this is due to the tall casing and the smaller rim I am riding with. My second concern with this tire will be the sidewall strength, the sidewalls felt thin and I worry that with the sharp shell in my region that this will cause failure.

Ill keep everyone updated on the progress of this tire, so far I FRIGGIN LOVE IT!