The "official" Muni Tyre Review Page

I loved the Nobby Nic I tried on a bike!

On my 650b uni I ride a Schwalbe Hans Dampf 2.35 to keep the weight down :wink:
2.35 is pretty small for a uni. I have mine setup tubeless on a tubeless rim, so it works really well. But I do hit my rim alot, if I wasn’t tubeless my tube would probably be full of patches.

LargeEddie, thanks for the great response. I’m an old and damaged plodder too, so “not nearly as tiring” would be a good thing. I’m surprised weight makes that much of a difference on a uni, but this does seem to be a common thread. Sounds like I should try a lighter tire if nothing else for the contrast. But it will have to wait for spring – winter finally took hold and now I’m on my heavy studded tire!

You’re welcome, Cliff. Keep in mind that for any general claim I make, someone will likely pop up and say the opposite. :slight_smile: But yeah, as a geezer beginner who rides fairly tight trails, where I need frequent changes of line to get over and around roots and rocks, I noticed a difference for sure in how long I could go between breaks to catch my breath on the Ardent vs the Duro. I gather that the point of the extreme downhill tires is that they don’t have much rebound so they absorb energy on drops and don’t bounce, which tends to make them not roll so well besides being heavy. Tires like Ardents and Hans Dampfs seem to be meant as more of a compromise.

No snow down here so far; we’re just getting our first real winter chill of the season now, but I got out on snow a few times last year. The Ardent went like a champ if it was soft or rutted. The 700c road uni was the choice when it was smooth and hard packed. For glare ice I definitely get the point of studs, but we never had more than an occasional patch of that so I just walked the uni–carefully!

Maybe it’s good that you’ve got time to watch out for sales or keep an eye on the Trading Post here for lightly used take-offs to try. Unlike the 24" muni situation, you’ll never run out of options to look at.

I totally get the catching my breath thing. My lungs are shot. And I’m so done with extreme downhill. I thought the sign that said Cliff was a greeting, not warning.

I’m all for lower weight, so that’s my plan. I think my Snowshoe 2XL 26x5.05 will be lighter than my current clunker setup.

Studs rock - I aim for the ice. So much easier than snow and rutted up foot and dog tracks. The grip is amazing.


Damn. I’ve been told that falling isn’t so bad but the sudden stop at the end can be rough.

I was going to ask what frame you were putting the 2XL in, but based on some of your other replies I think I’ve got it figured it out. :wink: ETA?

Looking forward to your thoughts on riding both of your new tires.

Yes, sudden stops are rough, especially when headfirst. Seriously, I’m very lucky. Unicycling is soooo much safer than mountain biking! Two wheels is nuts.

Flansberrium in the works. ETA is up to Jakob and his suppliers. The wheel is a work in progress, so no rush. Second set of spokes - hopefully the right length this time - in transit. And 3D printing adapter for truing stand.

I’m planning to try 650b+ or almost + and this is what seems to be more or less available here in Poland. Do you have any experience with any of these tires?

Schwalbe Nobby Nic and Rocket Ron

Both available in 650bx2.8 and 3.0, but I was never tempted to use them in smaller sizes as there was always something better around. But I see some good comments here on NN, so maybe it is worth a shot.

WTB Trail Blazer x2.8, this one is tempting and for sure I can get it in a few shops here

WTB Trail Boss and Bridger, both in x3.0, but with only hint of availability

Panaracer Fat Nimble x3.5, available but said to be much smaller - more around x3 or even less

Maxiss Chronicle x3.0, available, but seems to slick for me :wink:


the Schwalbe Rocket Ron 27,5 x 2,8 Snake Skin TL easy is 730gr on my scale.

WTB is making some 26+ tyres that people may be interested in. 2.8" and 3".

Still using a very old folding bead Ardent 2.4 on my GMuni that may need to be replaced at some stage.


Just upgraded my duro 26" x 3 to the surly knard.

much more nimble turning
easier climbing and descending - due to weight.

It is however much more sensitive to tyre pressure than the duro.

A bit more twitchy at first - I upd’d less but when I did it was in different places on my route for different reasons.

Much improved ride - felt a bit like I was cheating. Duro is still a really good tyre.

WTB Ranger 26 x 3.0

The WTB Ranger is a great Tire :slight_smile:

Better than the Surly Knard 3.0

I really like these tires

Version Light: 780g
Version Enduro (Reinforced) : 1010g

Aviable from November in my Unicycle Shop

Nice one!
Do you know where are the differences between those two tires?

The Enduro- Version is reiforced. The sidewalls are stiffer.
The Light- Version is like the Surly Knard- great for Cross- Country, the Enduro Version better for Freeride/ Downhill

Maxxis Ardent 26x2.4 for Guni. Any better alternative?

Hi Mark,
I am looking at the Maxxis Ardent 2.4 to replace my Surly knard 26x3 on my Guni. Are you happy with it? I don’t like the Surly, I think it is the round profile that I don’t like (and the WTB you mention above seem similarly rounded). Light and large volume, but I don’t think I need that wide a tyre on the 26. My riding style is smooth floating rather than tractoring :wink:
Oh, and I have the Maxxis Ardent 2.4 on my 29, which I very much enjoy :slight_smile:


Does anyone know the size of the Ranger tires more exactly than “2.8” and “3.0” inches? I couldn’t find anything on the WTB website, or anywhere else online.

I was wondering if the 2.8 would fit in my Oracle 26". I know that the Knard 3.0 won’t fit.

I bought a Ranger 26x2.8" for my Oracle, to replace my worn out Maxxis High Roller 2.7", which is a heavier downhill-style tire. I like the High Roller, but the 2.7" size has gotten hard to find, so I thought I would try a higher volume, lighter tire. So far I’ll give the Ranger a semi-positive review, but I’m not sure it’s the tire for me.

I bought the “fast” (harder rubber) “tough” (thicker sidewalls) version.


  • It’s very light and responsive, about 300g lighter than the High Roller. The difference is obvious when you ride.
  • seems to have less rolling resistance, too
  • fits nicely in the Oracle frame
  • seems sturdy enough for the medium-duty muni riding I do. Roots, small drops up to a foot or so, embedded rocks, some logs to jump. Doesn’t want to fold over or anything.
  • plenty of traction, even on the steepest stuff. I don’t really ride in the wet or the mud, though, so most tires are fine here.


  • I get a lot more autosteer than the High Roller; it really wants to head down the camber. It’s especially annoying on paved surfaces, but also on a few sharply cambered trail sections - I have trouble riding them, where the High Roller had no issues.
  • I can’t quite find the magic pressure that would be high enough to keep the tire from bottoming out, and reduce the autosteer, and still be low enough to absorb the bumps like a proper “plus-size” tire. I feel like the tire is a little too small to give the advantages of a plus-size tire, but not sturdy enough to give the advantages of a downhill type tire. Maybe it would work better for a lighter rider (I’m about 180 pounds). Maybe the 3.0 size version would work better for me, but I don’t think it will fit in the Oracle frame.
  • The small tread knobs don’t seem like they will give very long tread life.

So we’ll see. I’ll give it some more time, but right now I’m thinking about switching it out for something like the Dirt Wizard, which is similar to my old High Roller. Or if I end up getting a frame with more clearance, maybe I’ll try the 3.0 size.

Framed (Innova) 27.5 Minnesota Fat Bike Tire

This is a quick review of the Framed 27.5 Minnesota Fat Bike Tire

Dimensions: 27.5 x 3 (mine measures ~ 2.8 wide on a 50mm Mulefut rim)
Weight: 992 grams (claimed)
Bead: Wire (tubeless compatible)
Casing: 72 tpi (on tire)

I just started using this tire on my Oracle 26 (4 Rides).

Yup this 27.5 tire/wheel just barely fits a 26 Oracle with only the very occasional rub when I really crank up something. I did grind a shallow notch in the flat part of the seat-tube base at the crown bottom just in case (see pic), but the tire just squeezes in there with out this mod too.

The wide profile absorbs bumps well and keeps me rolling over loose rocky terrain (I save a good bit of energy because I can stay seated more over bumps). The tire goes through deep sand pretty well - I’ve been able to ride it through washes that stopped my other tires. This tire is not bad on hardpack or loose-over-hard either, although I find the Schwalbe Hans Dampf and Rock Razor are smoother and have better control on these surfaces where this tire can feel a tad squishy and grabby when carving turns.

The weight is light enough not to feel sluggish. The thin sidewalls are a bit picky on PSI, but I can still inflate to feel.

This tire setup very well tubeless on a MuleFut 50 SL Rim using the mulefut rim strip, overlaid by a layer of Gorilla tape with a tubeless valve. (I used a tube to shape the tire. When removing the tube I left the bead locked to the rim on one side.) The tubeless setup is solid enough for jumping and small sidehops without burping ( it hasn’t burped at all on anything Ive tried). I haven’t gone off any drops > 1 ft on it yet.

This tire is reasonably priced. I got mine from for $40.

They also go for $50 shipped on Amazon and EBay.

Forgot to mention in my prev. post (for what its worth) …

Looking at the pics of my Oracle it might appear I’m running this tire w/ the tread backwards. Actually the tire is run as designed and I run the uni frame backwards :slight_smile:

I use a crank mounted disc rotor so I turn the frame around to line up the hose mounts. It also keeps dirt out of the seat tube slot b/c it is in front where the tire doesn’t kick dirt into it.

Vee Tire T- Fatty 26x 3.0

The New Vee Tire T- Fatty 26x 3.0 weights about 895g

Its a great Tire, a little bit more Grip than Surly Knard 3.0 or WTB Ranger 3.0 but also a little bit more Rolling Resistance.

. Folding Tire
. 26x 3.0
. 72 tpi
. 0.7 - 2.1 Bar
. 895g

Tire circumference: 221.5cm ( 2 Bar , 47mm KH26- Rim)

(Surly Knard: 223.5cm, WTB Ranger 222.0cm)

WTB Ranger 26x3 TCS Tough / Fast

Quick Review of the WTB Ranger 26 x 3 TCS Tough / Fast


Width (Max width of knobs - meas. on 50mm Rabbit hole rim): 75mm

Diameter (meas. on 50mm Rabbit hole rim): ~ 700mm

Weight: 1025 g (claimed)

Fit: Fits current 26 nimbus and KH Frames with plenty of clearance ( ~ 9mm L/R side clearance on the 26 Oracle).

conditions - I weight about 165lb and ran the tire at maybe 17-19 psi tubeless on a 50mm Rabbit hole rim. Rides were -1: in Sedona AZ on wet Slickrock, loose-over-hard, and muddy clay, 2: In Phooenix S Mtn on wet sandy, loose-over-hard, rocky areas.

I rode this tire for some technical rides at the AZ Muni Weekend 2017 and found:

A good technical muni tire that balances high volume, light weight, and casing strength. Has a bit more self-steer than I’ve noticed with other 26 muni tires (Duro, Hans Dampf SG).

Strength / Casing:
The Tough casing uses twice the rubber of the Light. The sidewalls feel stronger than your typical tire but not as well supported as a Super gravity, Duro or DH tire. The casing was strong enough to handle 2+ foot drops and hopping (front / side) without noticeable bottoming out or fold-over. The thicker casing and high-ish volume seemed to give a bit more of a range for a “sweet-spot” where it wasn’t too bouncy or two flat.

Tread / Tracking:
The tread is fast rolling and smooth on the hardpack and even on the pavement. Tread seems to clear mud fairly well. The tread slipped a bit on wet sloped slickrock, but it would be hard to fault it. I felt like it gripped as well as the other riders’ tires (everyone was slipping a bit). The tire has a round-ish profile, but it had noticeable/frustrating self-steer on off-camber slickrock and trails (not sure why, noticeable at higher psi even). Self steer seemed higher than with the Hans Dampf, but I didn’t ride both tires on the same trails. I felt like I was having more trouble with self-steer than the other riders.

Easy tubeless setup. A little leaking during the first couple of rides ( prb because I was using a valve cut form an old tube). Small burp on one akward landing off of a 2 ft drop (but did not loose much pressure). Sidewall is thicker than most, but I don’t think has specific cut protection - I didn’t get any noticeable sidewall damage despite going through a lot of tough rocky areas in Phoenix.