The new DX frame is a piece of crap

its basically not ANY stronger than the 06… not enough to make a big difference at all… no matter what… the weld surface isn’t incrased… the reinforcer ring isn’t even attached to the frame, and the reason that I said that, my frame is getting tweaked sideways, just like my 05 frame did before it broke



Guess I’ll buy a KH Frame after this one implodes…

It looks pretty attached to me:

It goes all the way down inside the frame and is welded right into the seatpost tube. Maybe you should work on your form a bit? Don’t take offense to that statement, it’s just a suggestion.

Sweet I now I’ll have a reason to sometime get a black domnina (however the hell that’s spelles?). Skrobo, any cracks in it?

You mean this? :sunglasses:


Kind of;) (hehe that’s like 70’s shit):smiley:

That’s good in any decade! :sunglasses:

Terry your age is showing :astonished:

Why is that? Because I think she looks hot? Ok then.:smiley:

Hate to say I told you so, oh well I didn’t but lets be honest… This comes as no surprise…

Yeah well nothing in life is perfect. Some unicycles are good and some aren’t. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

maybe next time Torker might get someone to build them a proper frame :open_mouth:


I guess I must be old then too.

LOL i love it ! although u could have photoshoped out the white background fo the KH frame :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you sure? Pictures? More explanation in detail?

I just got my new frame a week ago, and it looks good to me. Even if the reinforcer ring isn’t directly attached to the seatpost tube (what’s that part called?), it’s still providing support.

ok, it is stronger, but my frame is definitely tweaked. landing rolling hops the way i do may have a little effect on the frame, but actually their new design could be even WEAKER!.. Im not 100% sure, but I may be able to actually twist my seatpost tube in the frame. one weld is as strong as 1 weld is going to be, they could have made it WAY WAY stronger by welding the reinforcer duhikke to the seatpost twice. the amount of stress on that weld can probably get pretty crazy, i think that the old frame is stronger as far as pressure straight down goes, but the new frame is stronger for any kind of angular force.

Im not 100% sure, but Im sure that that weld holding the seatpost tube takes a HUGE torsion? force. I think that weld is the worst way to do it, as their reinforcer ring is the only thing that allows it to work. I think that they should make it like a bicycle fork, and add the top crown thing to it. they could make it look very similar to that, but way stronger, and add the top crown?.. that will look bad though…

Take it to a welding shop and get them to run a bead around the top of the reinforcement… but you said it’s already bent? won’t help then.