The most expensive unicycle you could Imagine

We say a top of the line unicycle is cheeper than a low end bike. True, but how expensive could you actually make a unicycle. Post what you can think up and how much it would cost. It doesn’t have to be mainstream components but as long as you can buy it somewhere it counts. Geared carbon fiber 36er?

Anyways, post what unicycle you would buy if you had thousands to spend on it.

A top of the line uni is more expensive then a low end bike though… :stuck_out_tongue: At least a low end front sus mtb.

I already have close to it, but it depends if you mean building with readily avaiable components or making your own.

Off the shelf, this is similar (but slightly lighter) than my current build:
Triton 29, disc tabs, Flatfish seat, Spirit cranks (disc compatible), KH Moment Ti hub, Mavic TN719 disc rims, WTB Motoraptor 2.4", FOSS tubes, optional XT disc brake with Starfighter, Thompson Seatpost mated to a KH interface, and whatever lightweight pedals are trendy at the moment.

No Schlumpf ?

It would be easy to list the most expensive part possible for each and every parts in a unicycle and make the sum.
However, I am not sure that all the parts listed will make a consistent and desirable unicycle :stuck_out_tongue:

At least, let’s start the list:

Frame: Triton Titanium frame (listed at $675)

Hub: KH/Schlumpf geared hub off-road edition (listed at 1190 Euros)

Saddle: a thick carbon base coupled with a high-end foam and/or gel. Not sure it is mainstream but we can quote the most expensive saddle + carbon base

Seatpost: a Thomson dynamically adjustable version for example (listed at $449)

Rim: A DT carbon rim for example (listed at $957)

Cranks: either the Spirit dual cranks for going disk brake on crank (listed at $120) or some Mad4One triple cranks (listed at 219 Euros)

Disk brake system: A Formula One special edition kit (listed at $720)

Disk rotor: a Hope Moto-V2 (listed at $132)

And there is the problem of the disk brake system because neither the Schlumpf nor the Mad4One cranks support disk braking so it would require not going for the most expensive in one category :smiley:

Frame: Triton Titanium frame ($675)

Hub: KH/Schlumpf geared hub off-road edition ($1500)

Saddle: a thick carbon base coupled with a high-end foam and/or gel. Not sure it is mainstream but we can quote the most expensive saddle + carbon base (not sure on this one)

Seatpost: a Thomson dynamically adjustable version ($449)

Rim: A DT carbon rim ($957)

Cranks: Spirit dual cranks ($120)

Disk brake system: A Formula One special edition kit ($720)

Disk rotor: a Hope Moto-V2 ($132)

The Maxxis Minion DHF 3C is $90 in Canada

Sapim CX-Ray spokes with alloy nipples ($129.60)

Total $4772.60

I have three, they get used once a year at most.

So no.

I have 2 nice. once i get a m40 hub and my cf base ill have a uber expensive unicycle :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly if I had thousands to spend, I would probably not try to build the One Unicycle to Rule Them All. I would probably take the Nurse Ben approach and try every piece of new gear as it comes out, and continually be building and rebuilding unicycles with new bits and pieces.

Yeah, me too. Btw nice quote.

How about a 24" muni with a frame, wheel and cranks made of ‘graphene’.But it’ll be a while before graphene is widely available.

What’s graphene? I’ve never heard of it, does it have something to do with graphite?

I wondered the same thing and did some research. Apparently it is a one atom thick sheet of carbon in a hexagonal pattern. It is supposed to be about 20% stretchy, completely flexible, conduct heat/electricity better than copper and be incredibly strong.

20% stretchy doesn’t seem too good for unicycles.

Wait, is that what I do? Oh, yeah, that’s about right :roll_eyes:

My wife seems to be okay with my uni and ski hobbies, so I think I’m good as long as I don’t get into cars, mortorcyles, or airplanes :smiley:

To be honest, we seem to be taking the wrong approach here. I have a basic nimbus 24 inch unicycle that I’ll sell for 50,000 usd or best offer. If you purchase it you will have the most expensive unicycle.

You guys are thinking small. I’d start with a frame and wheel made of ‘unobtanium’, the anti-gravity mineral from the planet Pandora. You would still have to balance yourself, but the weight would be considerably lessened. Coat that with a layer of the precious metal of your choice, such as gold, and encrust that with diamond bling.

The seat should be upholstered with the most expensive, most politically incorrect fur available, such as baby seal or something. Inside would be an electrically powered massaging system to keep your circulation going (as if you would actually ride this thing for more than a few minutes).

Add an electric motor and power system for when you get tired. And of course, use the most expensive parts on the market, just because you can (in this fantasy).

Finish with two tiny cherubs to fly around you as you ride it.

@ John, I like the cherubs, but I’d more inclined to have some wood nymphs :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, if cost was not an issue, then I would invest (millions?) in a variable speed hub like the NuVinci, with a gear range that is remotely adjustable from 0.5 : 1 to 2 : 1, and of course it would have a disc brake :smiley:

I’d also get into tire development and work on creating uni specific tires.

Also, an on-the-fly crank length adjuster.

expensive unicycle

Better/More expensive yet, Engineer and custom build to your specification, your personal Uniride. The time without it as it is made seems to be the most valuable.

any unicycle ben owns :stuck_out_tongue: