The invent a trick comp!

Not really a competition but the object is simple… Invent a trick, and land it.

The rules are almost as simple. It has to be mostly origional. Combos do not count, and the other participants must agree that it is a trick, rather than something silly, or a combo. Keep the trick to yourself, just post here when you land it, or just brag about how close you are. :sunglasses:

Shoot a PM to someone who you think can pull off a trick you have in your head if you want.


Code the trophy as a link to your vid. Its exciting seeing new tricks invented, so give it a shot. Hopefully this will provoke different thinking and innovations to the sport.

Good luck!

Anyone can invent a trick.

Therefore there cannot be a winner in this competition.

Is it who invents the best trick?

Cause the first person to land a new trick wouldn’t work that great as a competition…

But who invents the best trick is a good one.

If you want to do best trick thats cool, but the word best can be tossed around in different ways. Its surely a cool feeling to invent a trick, and be able to have a trophy saying that you invented a trick in your sig.

If you want to do best trick, or favorite by others thats cool, but once its over, people won’t be trying as hard.

Really the intention was just to get some new ideas out there.

I vote peleschramm as judge.

i invented a trick and its quite good if done smoothly.Its a variation of one of Tony Meltons tricks

Does falling off count as a trick, I’m a pro.

and stacking it real bad count too also. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here it is

Well? What’s it called? I thought it was pretty cool.

Sorry but I have seen this “trick” before many times. The only think which is maybe new is that you did it to seat out.

I created what i call a spencer flip. Its where you kick your pedal (pedal flip), but a 3 spin of that. lol. ;:stuck_out_tongue:

Me and a friend invented a trick we call, the “unicycle flip”

We only landed 2 between the both of us.

This weekend, Corbin and I perfected the “rolling flop”. We’ll get one on video soon…

I have a couple ideas for things that haven’t been done before, but the world won’t see them for a long time - as long as it takes me to get good enough to try em.

Lol sure.

Does this mean I can’t participate? I have quite a few up my sleeve :stuck_out_tongue:

No freaking way, you can post tricks, but you cant win. Your too good.:stuck_out_tongue:

You make the silliest tricks:D

Edit: I’m in though I’m not too creative.

I’ll join… No clue what i will do, If I do anything.

I’m in…when I think of something.

My trick is the coolest.