The invent a trick comp!

I’ve thought of something, but I have to REALLY work at it.

I’ve thought of a few things, I have to wait for my ankle to heal before working on it though.

I told pele a few of my Ideas, and I have one I’m saving for myself. Hopefully I can get it soon.

Yes. On camera too :wink:

someoone do a 360 sideflip on the wheel. I dont even know if thats possible.

Side 270 from tire to pedals have been done before, a tire to tire side would be pretty hard! 360 unispins on wheels are hard!

Anyone did something like a Dk. Side 360?

I’ve got an idea, It’s probably impossible but would be cool. I’ll try it tommorow.

What is a Dk. Side 360

Decade. I think? so what would happen is you would spin your body 360 and would do a 360 unispin, same trick as the 180-180, exept its a 360-360.

A donkey trey but with a sidespin instead of the 360 unispin…

EDIT: Sorry I don’t know how it would be called!

Loic Baud did this in Life.

Cool… I Will Watch :smiley:

i was trying a trick about a year ago that i never saw landed, and nobody has done yet.
acid drop/caveman whatever you call it… but you start on the uni, get it out from under you, horizontal, and back under you, all while in the air (it doesn’t have to be horizontal, but hand on the frame and hand on the seat while the uni is in front of you)

if that makes sense you should try it, cuz its awesome
that said, if i had a uni, i’ve landed 2 recently, and thought of another just now…

Ive been riding, and from a weird wreck, did a hand spring pretty much, kinda landed, but my back ended up leaning up against a bar, so I pushed away and kept riding.

Sooo, a superman? Basicly?

Sounds like it.

One trick I was doing in Seattle off this cool little ledge I found by the Library and community center, was to ride up and do a big rolling hop off. pull the seat out and up, so now its SIF and close to my chin, at the same time do a big no footer, and with your free hand do a tire grab.

So pretty much. Tweaked No-footer tiregrab.

Nice. I just learned 1-footers. I have been trying to do them off benches but i havnt landed one yet, to scary.

My friend thought up a cool trick but neither of us can do it.Its a reverse superman where you kick your legs out in front and hold the tyre as you sit on it


Lol only some of the tricks I make are silly.

Like for example a in-in tresidebackflip isn’t silly.

But a slapflip is.

My revflip was somewhere in between :stuck_out_tongue:

I just like making tricks, silly or not :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll be judge I suppose.