The Gower, Wales, Charity bike ride 5th July.

I’m entering (probably the 16 miles as 12 is the furthest I’ve done so far, although that was 90% on rough tracks), is there anybody else on a unicycle doing it?

Aye, I’ll be there.
I’ve done it for the last two years, the first time I did the short route on my 24" and the second time I did the long route on the 29".
There’s a write-up of the short route here.
I believe Monocyclism is threatening to turn up and buy everyone chips too.

Look forward to seeing you.

So little time, so much to

Darn! Yup I have booked for the Gower but another event has come up on the same date that may mean I have to cancel Gower.

The Liverpool/Chester event includes a route through the Mersey Tunnel that would represent a novel experience - cos it includes five miles of underground riding. So I’m not sure… BTW it was you who offered the chips…I was just standing in with the saveloys :wink:

I’ve unicycled in the Gower before, so would happily come back and ride there again. However, it clashes with the muni ride at Chicksands the same day, so I’m afraid I’ll be there instead.

(Was hoping 'Blue was going back to Chicksands too, but it looks like the temptation of staying local and free chips is enough to bribe him)


I’m a cheap date.

Oh no!!..I’ve got my dates mixed up, I’d forgotten about Chicksands. But as I’m local and ride there very often I think I’ll stick with a weekend in Wales - kiting on LLengenith beach on Saturday and my first long uni ride on the Sunday.

Come on… you know you want to…

And the rain will probably be lovely and warm.

I’m doing the Gower ride as well, signed up and my number arrived today.
I was planning to do the long route on my 29er.
Not been on here much recently so missed the chicksands thing, anyway a nice warm sunny ride in Welsh Wales will be great.

We’re talkin’ about the same Wales, right?

Nice to see a couple of 29ers coming.
Are they both regular or geared?

Wales has usually been very good to me, I’ve had loads of hot sunny holidays on Gower.
My 29er - regular, and that’s fast enough for me, my little legs wouldn’t be able to run-out a UPD on a geared one.

Mine’s a standard 29 as well.
Apart from the hills what sort of terrain does it cover? Is it all hard-sealed and smooth cycle lane or is there alot of proper rough tracks?
I’ll have to do an ‘easy’ cycle track ride at the weekend and see how I cope - doing the long route would great but I haven’t left much time to push my endurance up.

My 29 is regular too, 150 cranks.
I have a set of 125s I’m thinking of switching to, but if you guys are on a similar set up I won’t bother.

It’s all on road.
Fortunately due to the early Sunday morning start these are pretty traffic free, and the further out of Swansea you get, the quieter the roads.
The last half of the short route is on a nice bike path through a valley.

125’s for me, I run 150’s on my muni but find for the road uni that the 125’s give a useful speed increase.

So what time are we starting on Sunday, and how many of us will there be?

This is this Sunday?!

I’d better start training.

It says on the form that kick-off is 9am.

I’ll be in the car park for 8.30.

What, I thought we’re going for a ride, I haven’t got any footie boots any more, or is this rugby as we’ll be in south Wales?

I shall bring along a couple of oddly-shaped balls and we can kick them around afterwards.

You should be able to spot me in the car park, I’ll be eating a bacon sandwhich.

Is that what you meant in the earlier post about getting started on your training? :astonished:


Are the pubs open at 8.30am?