The Flying BMX Mount

I decided today that I’m done with 36" static mounts. I’m going full blown running mounts. Walking/rolling mounts are okay, but I just wanna leave the ground, land on the pedals and saddle at the same time like I did as a kid on my BMX bike, and ride away. It’s not that hard, right? If I remember correctly, I had to acknowledge that there would be pain, and some racking of the balls, and some laughing by bystanders. 4 of those though, and you’re golden, if memory serves correctly. I’ll let you know how it goes, unless you wanna go first. :wink:


I have never seen a 36" running mount where the rider lands on the pedals and saddle at the same time. When running one foot always leaves the ground first then followed by the second.
I have did a jump mount that I land on the pedals and saddle at the same time but that starts with jumping with both legs about the same time.


I have to admit that I think I contacted the seat first, a split second before my feet found my BMX pedals.

Your response is perfect, because the image I have in my mind is a combination of my 12-year-old BMX mount, combined with your jump mount, combined with Terry “Unigeezer” Peterson’s rolling mount where he hits the pedals then sits on the saddle.

So in retrospect, I don’t think I’m inventing anything new.

I just want to mount like you and Terry, first time, every time. And, I want to give credit where credit is due.

I don’t yet have a brake on the 36er, so rolling jump mount is gonna have to be what I go with, at first, with the right foot hitting the pedal a split second before everything else touches the unicycle. (That’s the video in my mind, currently.)

It’s not that hard :wink: I highly recommend aiming to hit the back pedal first though, anything else you can miss and get away with usually, but not hitting that one is harder to compensate for.

If you can do a rolling mount pretty consistently, just do it faster and with more confidence and you’ll be there, after a while you’ll learn to get away with very messy mounts.


You never cease to amaze me.

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Sounds ambitious, good luck.and let us know if you land it

Long before Cokers (36-ers) existed, I had a 45" unicycle, which I got in 1982. Before that I had ridden a few others, mostly with smaller wheels, including a couple of very heavy wagon wheel unicycles. While static-mounting such things is probably doable, it’s definitely not the most efficient way to get on. It’s a rolling mount. Take a couple of steps to get you going, catch your dominant pedal while it’s in back, let your momentum carry you up (and just past) your center of balance while getting yourself on the seat and finding the forward pedal. You have to be ahead of the wheel to get it going. No brake needed; I never use it for mounts.

This is not a textbook Rolling Mount, as seen in the IUF Standard Skills list, where the wheel continues to roll during the mount. Stopping the wheel is a key part; the mass of the unicycle gives you something to leverage to get you up there. But if you start pedaling at the right moment, your body continues forward motion uninterrupted.