The establishment is keeping me down, man

I was just denied entry to a 10k Thanksgiving run that I wanted to do on my Uni, on the basis of liability issues. I was just curious if you guys have any similar experiences…

Did you try to reason with them?

I called him and didn’t get him. He called back and left a message. From the message, it didn’t sound like their was any reasoning him :angry:


Maybe I’m missing something, but if it’s a “run” doesn’t that mean it’s on foot?

It is a footrace, however I’m not that fast on my 36, right around running speed, and thought they would let me, but nooooooo :angry:

Just start a few min later than the runners!

Depending on what agency is insuring the event they have restrictions on what is allowed in the event. I know from our own local foot races that basically anything other than foot traffic isn’t allowed in the event for insurance coverage and liability reasons. As soon as you let one person in the event ride a unicycle then somebody else will want to skate board, another will want to do it on a pogo stick, etc… It’s a Pandora’s Box so that’s one reason they don’t allow anything other than foot traffic. Again, depends on the event, the organizers and insurance coverage they have (or the level of tolerance/ignorance of the race director and staff i.e. an event may allow wheeled traffic when really they shouldn’t be). So it’s not really “the man” per say but for the safety of everybody in the event.

edit You could turn it around however. I recently volunteered and was allowed to be the “lead unicycle” at a very small, local 5km race. Granted I knew the RD very well and they knew my ability was such that leading the whole race would be very easy for me. If you’re good enough, fast enough and skills are sharp enough, why not try and volunteer at some small events in this capacity. If you’re not quite as fast or sharp you could also try and volunteer to be the sweep, basically follow behind the last race participant (usually very slow!). These are all useful jobs and still get you “in” the event…

Perhaps you should register for events called “ride”, not for pedestrian events called “run”.

Sorry for being critical, but this is not a cycling event. So the organizers were smart not to allow you. You may know it will be safe, but their insurance provider would disagree (no matter how slow you are on a 36).

Other people have ridden unicycles in pedestian events before, and posted on this forum about it. On a 36 it’s not safe or appropriate for you to go. You should be on foot like the other event participants.

If I was organising a running race (I have experience of this sort of thing, having organised triathlons and orienteering events), I wouldn’t allow unicycles to take part either.

Nice post Sano, I didn’t see it before I posted mine and you gave good advice.

I have had huge success participating in organized, non-competitive charity cycling events like the Ride for Heart, and Ride to Conquer Cancer (75k and 200k).

Agreed. Check for locally organized cycling rides/races. Most likely there is a local club that organizes informal rides and possibly actual events. I think most would have no problem with a unicyclist participating as long as you know your limits and make sure they understand them as well. I’ve participated a couple times now in our local club’s (Spring City Cycling Club) fall 100 mile century event, riding the 100km several years ago and the 50 mile this year. Had nothing but positive reaction to my joining 500+ other cyclists doing various distances (after they realized I was for real that is, a lot of folks couldn’t believe I was going to ride 100km or 50 miles, but after the 2nd aid stop or so (30+ miles) they realized I was serious! :slight_smile: ).

The only issue I’ve had is most of the rides have fairly short time limits for the longer distance rides offered. I understand that these are all volunteer run events so it makes sense, just tough if you’d really like to go far but don’t want to have to “hammer it” just to finish in time. So I’ll usually do some of the shorter rides offered and not worry about it.

Take a look around, there is plenty of adventure out there to find!

Run is run

Ride is ride

A unicycle is a liability in a running race, so don’t expect the organizer to be “kind” to you.

It’s not about you and your unicycle, the race is for pedestrians.

Try entering a ride, then you’ll at least have a leg to stand on :roll_eyes:

thanks for the advice guys, I guess i could’ve thought it out a little before I charged in :o

It’s not about that, because organizers would always reserve the right to say no. The problem is liability/insurance. Essentially, they probably have to have an insurance policy. This policy would be for running events, which would mean it doesn’t allow for wheeled vehicles. If they were to allow one, they would run the risk of invalidating their coverage; essentially it would be like running it with no insurance at all.

When you have unicycles, insurance basically sucks. Since unicycles are not usually mentioned in “insurance language”, the safest answer is to just say no.

Your establishment is keeping us down, man.

Any reason you actually have to register as a participant? I showed up for one of my normal weekend rides at a local trail and they had a 10 mile race going on. I didn’t show up to do the event, didn’t even know it was going on beforehand. Luckily it was an open event - meaning they didn’t close the trail for all non participants.

I’ve seen it both ways. Events where they close down the trail or route to anyone that isn’t participating and ones where they don’t care. If they aren’t closing down the route to non-participants then why not just ride on your own, without being registered as a participant?

Oh, and in my case I got a few “there’s our unicycle guy” comments, almost as if they were expecting me to show up. I guess they’ve done a few events and have had some unicyclists in the past. I also guess I filled that “role” for that particular event.

Good thing I didn’t register too, I ended up going further than the event distance. :wink:

jbtilley has the right idea!

He’s essentially saying: Occupy Wall Street!

Occupy the Race Trail!

Don’t let the establishment oppress and marginalize you, man!

I have to agree. If it’s on a public right of way, you have just as much right to be there as anyone else. Your taxes paid for that roadway, so why can’t you use it, as it was intended? In fact you have more of a right to use it, since unicycles are essentially vehicles and pedestrians/runners are not.

The accident/liability argument doesn’t work, because I’ve been on crowded public hike/bike paths, and nobody can tell me I can’t ride because I might get into an accident. If they can’t hold the event without barring certain users because of accident/liability concerns, then maybe they shouldn’t hold it at all.

Who decides that a private entity can prohibit citizens from using a public road? That’s just ridiculous and should never be permitted. What are they going to do, arrest or fine you? Bar your path? On what grounds?

I say, fight the power!

And I will disagree. Ride somewhere and sometime that does not cause problems for other people and their events. Most “fun” rides would be happy to have you. Get in the middle of a crowded running field and you are likely to cause an accident, or at least get in the way of some of the runners and screw up their enjoyment of the event.

Go on rides where you are welcome.

The system is supposed to have you down, man. That’s its job.

…and I agree with Scott.