The Definiton Of Street - Video Competition

I’ve got some homework you y’all.

So, street has been debated a lot lately, its time to set the record straight.

Flatland has been dominating lately. All the best street riders out there seem to have become bored with street and moved into flatland(where there is still a lot of room for progressing).

But I think Street’s potential is still untapped and that almost NOONE besides a select handful of riders, have released STREET videos that can actually be called… pure street…

I wanna see drops, gaps, up gaps, down gaps, twist/spin/flip gaps, flip/spin/twist/gap lines, footplants, RAILS, ledges, twist/spin/flip rails, GRIIIIINDS!!! CRANKGRAB TRICKS, twist/spin/flip drops! flatland tricks on skinnies into drops, fakie/blind/blunt/switch/switchhand ANYTHING.

So! I want all of you that are interested, to make a video that best describes what PURE street is. Give your video an introduction, feel free to explain what you think street is in your video, be creative(thats what streets all about). You won’t be judged on your riding ability, but how you have portrayed street(anyone of any level can enter).

If people are interested, I’ll let you all debate when the competition should end, but as of now, it has started. Save your videos untill the competition has ended, then voting shall begin.

COMPETITION PRIZE: Free accomodation at UNICON NZ :sunglasses:

(prize cannot be shared to multiple riders via group vids, free accomodation may not be suitable for younger riders, prize must be collected/confirmed by the end of December 15th or said prize will go to the competition’s runner up participent(s) and so on, side effects include itchyness, balding and possibley being submited to daily ridicule).

I’m in just because I like gaps, grind, twists and stuff like that. But I’m not really good in street so I’ll try my best to find some cool spots where I can’t try some tricks. It will be my first Street vid so watch out!:stuck_out_tongue:


real street FTW

omg omg i’m defenitely in !!!

Great idea! But I don’t think I have time to do a vid :stuck_out_tongue: I already have like 4 videos that I’m working on

im in

I’ll probably enter, probably as a group video (not going to UNICON so no worries).

Who’s going to judge, and Chris, are you gonna compete as well??

I think I’m in :smiley:
and I would like to see a lot more big street… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll make a vid. But i don’t need the prize ahaha

Judging… I would just make a poll… But… I don’t think people would follow the judging guidelines very well. (i’m sure if someone did a rollingwrap to 900, someone would give them extra points, but I’d call it flatland so I’d most likely mark them down on points ahah).

Maybe we can have a poll. Otherwise we’ll just vote through discussing whos video best portrays street. I’m sure there will be a lot to discuss and people may even change their vote after hearing what there is to say.

I’m in.


Yaaaaay Hugo.

Uhhh so… Video deadline?? I think a month or two would be perfect. Then I can work on my UNICON video.

One month is too short I think, atleast for me. I think two months starting from today would be good…

I might be in on this… sounds fun. I can’t promise a lot of rails though uless I go on a trip somewhere else, lol.

Me too… Its the rainy seasons here…

October the 17, sounds good

i am so in bitches!!! but if i win then ill give the prize to MY favorite video :wink:

yep one more entry… me… if you hadn’t gathered.

yeah im in i suppose! lets street it up then! just as soon as i get back to Victoria and my unicycle…

yes i´m in !!!
but just one question: first we should chose about this “are flips in flat flatland or not?” i would say everytrick in flat is flatland.

not necessarily. if it’s crankrolls etc then that is flatland. but if it’s a triple flip or 900 unispin on flat people wouldnt say that its flatland even tho it is just tricks on flat. i think most tricks on flat can b classified as both street and flat. my video will most likely hav a couple of street style tricks on flat. but i geuss its all up to chris seeing as this is his comp and rules