The Beginners "Today I..." Thread

I’ve been roller skating some in the parking lots and the rink. :o But I cant afford a serious break again so I had to stop. The dr. said a hard fall and it would shatter. My insurance changed and only pays 80% now and I am very poor so I had no choice. It wasnt fun! But now I can learn again. I’m out of shape so tricks sound good!! I’m still not willing to grow up and just pedal. :stuck_out_tongue: But I have to progress to muni one day.

Glad there are a few other woman around here!!

How do you start practicing one footed riding? I find it hard along a fence because its too slow and when the pedal gets to the bottom I cant get it back up. :o

You start by riding at a moderate speed and whenever you don’t need your foot on the pedal you lift it off for a fraction and put it straight back on, eventually you will get the foot up for longer and longer. Make sure you bring it straight up and onto the crown though, it really helps with balance. Holding onto the fence won’t help at all, you just need to go for it. Good luck! :slight_smile:

Today I got my shoelace caught in the cranks for the first time! Came off on a main road. Managed to roll out of the fall, and luckily the bus driver behind me was already giving a wide berth.
Now I just need to get some shoelace management. And some new laces too. :o

So happy you are back! I read the post about your injury after the fact and it reminded me of the basketball player Zydrunas Ilgauskas. He broke his foot and went through several surgeries and hardly played for three years. He went on to be a multiple all-star and set the record for games played as a Cleveland Cavalier when it was questionable he would ever be able to play again.

I just tuck mine into the lacing along the tongue.

I never practice anything holding on to something. (Maybe that’s why it takes me so long to learn things.) I practiced trying to get a couple pedals down while holding my other foot off the pedals. Once I could do that a little bit I practiced trying to get my foot up on to the frame. From there it was just practice, practice, practice.

There’s a good tutorial here.

I replaced laces with shock cord. It works great.

I had this one recently. My shoelace quickly shortened until my foot was stuck to the pedal and I had to fall to the ground and untangle it. It was so silly and made me laugh.

Its like chickenpox - if this happens to you once it will probably not happen again.


When i finally came back from work… it was already dark. and the temperature has fallen below 0* Celsius. so again - standard coldproof procedure… but i didnt take a ny sources of light…

did a little less distance riding, and a little more technical stuff. slowly regaining my confidence with curbs and bumps… (riding in the dark on the frozen ground helped a lot- i couldnt see the ground so i just had to “feel it”. and it worked. nice new experience)

I’ve never ridden a 20", but I have to say I love my 24 for tricks. I’m not sure it’ll be nimble/light enough for the more energetic stuff (unispins, crankflips etc) but it’s been fine for everything I’ve tried so far. It’s very stable for the slower stuff too.

I knew I was doing it wrong I try that this arfternoon, Thanks.

That should help, Thanks.

Today I…

Had my worst fall to date. I was riding a random trail by my house when I saw a cut-through to a neighborhood. The cut through was very narrow, steep, and windy, but I thought I might as well go for it anyway. I rode the whole cut through nicely, but right before the sidewalk started I hit a bump.

I was flung up into the air and came back down hard as “the boys” smashed into my seat. I was in so much pain that I forgot to roll out of the fall and I ended up getting road rash from the sidewalk, also. The funny part was as I was riding back The first thing I thought about was how was going to describe it to you guys!:smiley: Oh well, no pain no gain.

On a much brighter note, I got leg wraps consistent, rode about 3 miles, and increased my highest drop to about 3 feet. I also started making a movie, expect to see it within a week.:slight_smile:

good : P I’m glad I’m not the only one. You can’t do all the freestyle tricks on a bigger wheel, but I think I’ve cut my losses because of shear frustration, I just don’t like a 20" that much.

as for the one foot riding people were asking about, the best advice I can give is to go for it, and know when to bail so you end up on your feet : P

I found the one foot idling to be easier than riding in a straight line, but this may be due to the large cranks, I’m borrowing a friend’s muni with 150 cranks O.o and I think 125s would work a little better, if only because I’m used to them on the 36er. I felt like I was raising my foot too much on the large cranks.


Another 3km ride - i feel fine. no leg pains - getting back in shape.
finaly got myself to do some curb drops - no problems. a few upd’s in the beggining but it’s under control.
First attepmts at unsupported hopping - never tried supported hoping so this was a big deal for me… and i managed to land a few. so… give me a week and then i’ll move to stair hopping :stuck_out_tongue:

total time spent unicycling - about an hour :slight_smile:


I had my worst fall last week. It was weird because there was no reason for it. I was on a plain old flat road doing about 8 mph. I was riding the 36" and it was raining. Suddenly my body was moving faster than the wheel. I tried to pedal faster to even out but it didn’t work. I felt myself going down (like slow-mo). I never even touched my feet to the ground. My wrist-guards and chest took the full fall. One week later my ribs are super tender from a good bruising. The whole thing was so stupid. I’ve ridden a few times since and it’s okay. I can’t ride my bicycle though. It’s too painful to hold the handlebars. Unicycling is way more fun anyway. I’m taking the next three days off from any riding.

I’ve ridden a 20" Torker for over a year, and yesterday a friend loaned me his 29" Nimbus with a flat tire and a broken handle. So I replaced the tube, swapped handles with my 20" Torker, and learned to ride in 4 tries!

Made it around the block with only 2 UPDs, then my son went around the block with me on his bike. He is rather slow, so I had time to practice free-mounting with my strong foot, then weak foot, then stalls, freemount to hopping, and rolled over some gravel and grass without falling (I’ve never made it on my 20").

Today I rode to work, and it only took me 34 minutes to go 2 miles. I had trouble remounting once I was tired going uphill… but the last half I only had two UPDs, and one was at an intersection and I was trying to watch for cars running the light.

Now I need to get my own!

i have a question and i have searched it but nothing came up. what is the difference between a leg around (i think) and a seat wrap? i dont know if this is the right place to ask but does anyone know?

Leg wrap:

Seat Wrap:

Mbalmer, glad you are not hurt worse.

Heal fast so you can get back to training for your Santa Cruz ride.