The 2nd Collaboration Video is Done!

Well i just finished editing today. There were alot more riders in this one than in the 1st collab. I uploaded it in 2 different sizes. Enjoy.

Collaboration Video #2 (large: 55 mb)

Collaboration Video #2 (small: 26 mb)

sweet video!!! now why is your sig line absent of my request???

I like it alot. It’s pretty awesome.


That WAS a lot of people…

Awesome video.
Great editing. Great riding.
I will be in the next one.

i liked that one very much =p

oh that was GREAT!!

i was getting nervous aboot me being in there and then, BAM! i’m there at the end in the prime advertising spot!

I’ll get my awesome gaps in there next collab video. I really hope the cops don’t show up next time…

yea ill give u more footage for the next one I supose…

ya by the time forrest converted the clips for me i had most of the editing done so i just put you in at the end.

that was really really good.
I think you should put the title for each person in like the lower left corner or something, instead of out in the middle…it’d look more professional.
still, sweet movie.

yea that was pretty cool. i liked it a lot better than the first one. jsm owns like crazy. he did really good. great stuff all around.

I second this. I liked jsm’s variation on what Ryan Woessener does (bwd. ww, sif) Better riding, editing & music than the first collab. vid. Tons of riders. Great job overall.

This was a nice one!
For the next I will gather some REAL footage!
Many great riders and cool tricks, keep it up.

collab on ?

Great stuff ! A lot of impressing riders and a good cut and soundtrack !!!
As it is a video of a lot of you I think I must also ask all those riders if we could stream it on From my opinion it is a “must be there” !
How ever, my compliments for collab 2.

very good indeed… i do miss jsm big hiking boots though…


nice selection of music

thatd be cool. im sure none of the riders would mind a bit. i dont. even though my part was only 20 secs