3rd Collaboration Video?

Anyone up for a third one?

The first two can be seen here:
Collaboration 1

Collaboration 2

Clips can be sent to skate4flip@gmail.com

yea man i’m pobably in…

ps.both colaborations were awsome

i’m in!

i’ve got some clips i have no particular use for at the minute, and i’m not in the mood to make a video. I’d put in clips definately.


maybe me, we’ll see if i find anything i want to contribute.
am i alowed?

I’m not sure… I am making a video with Jonny and then one with a few other people, I might send some clips. In fact, that might just be awkwerd not sending many clips so I probably wont.


anyone else interested? if not, then it could be made later

im interested… :smiley:

i wanna be in this movie