The 10 levels of unicycling

I was wondering if some of you could tell me more about this. I’ve read what is required for each level, and I am an easy level 1 now and almost level 2. What I would like to know is where do you get tested? Or is it kind of an informal thing for the most part, where you just say, O.K. I can do all of this, so now I am a level X unicyclist?

In the US all testing is performed by USA (Unicycle Society of America) representatives at certain meetings. I believe (please correct me if I’m wrong) the Twin Cities club has a tester always there to test members at meetings (or at least some of its members are certified testers), and there are be opportunities to be officially tested at most of the larger unicycle meetings. In the UK I’ve only ever been to 1 meeting (SWUM) where testing took place, and myself & Will Stevens got our grade 2’s at the last one :p.


most people on these forums do it unofficially, and just say they are whatever level they can complete. which I think is fine, it’s just a system to get an idea of how good of a rider you are, but then there’s some people who have been officially tested and get all PMSy when you say you’re an unofficial level X, say it’s COMPLETELY different if you get tested, well whatever, just tell us what level you can play on TV…

So are there any level 10 riders here? I would like to see a video of somebody doing all that stuff! :astonished: What exactly is “coasting for 10 meters”?

Go to the link below…all your visual questions will be answered:

That’s a helpful ling Tom, I never went on that page for some reason, but it rocks! What is your NKS rating? Mine is 389 of 603 points.

Wasn’t there another set of the ten skill levels, as well? I seem to remember reading a somewhat easier and more humourous 10 levels, starting with purchasing a unicycle…

yep, that’s Rick Bissel’s “New” Skill Levels.

That is a cool link Tom, thanks for posting that! That guy’s real good and makes it all look super easy!

I also like those “new” unicycle levels,:smiley: I got a good laugh outta that!

whats the difference between glide and coast?

Well, I think (please correct me if I’m wrong) gliding is where you use your foot on the wheel, not really walking it but using your foot for resistance on the wheel to control balance and occasionally kick it for more speed. There is a similar stunt in BMX freestyle where you move the bike backwards and with the front wheel in the air, you put your foot on the back wheel and use it the same way I described gliding.
Coasting, is where you place both feet at the top of the forks and just use your body to maintain balance. And that is probably real hard because all your weight is above the axle so I’m sure it’s a very tedious balance point.

thats basically it…but you shouldn’t push the wheel at all while gliding, you just set one foot on the wheel for balancing, lean back and let the wheel go. whereas coasting, you don’t have any feet touching the wheel, so it’s a TON harder to balance. I can’t really do it, except sometimes downhill.

With gliding you have one foot rubbing the tire to help keep control. The foot only rubs the tire, it does not push. In order to pass level 8 you have to glide for 10 m on level ground (as in a gym).

With coasting your feet cannot have any contact with the tire. You either have both feet up on the crown or one foot on the crown and the other foot dangling free. Coasting is much more difficult.

Yeah it seems you would have to go downhill to glide, if you aren’t supposed to push the wheel to maintain speed. I don’t see how you could glide more than 10 or 15 feet on flat ground.

When i gliding on flat ground you just have to use a less amount of pressure on the tire. The faster you ride when you get into it the longer you can glide. I think my longest glides on flatground are around 70 feet or so.

Well, OK, I admit, I’ve had a couple of practices before making those videos.

Further the def. for gliding and coasting (as for standard skills) are on that site as well.
They confirm most of above descriptions, except for that part “occasionally kick it for more speed”: you may NOT proppel the wheel.

Yes, there are 9 official level 10 riders! How do I know? Cause I was the 9th person to pass level 10 a couple months ago!! Only took 13 years since I started unicycling!!

Side note; all 9 level 10’s were Twin City Unicycle Club members from when they passed!