Tequila+Coker= bent cranks

Yesterday I managed to mangle one of the cranks on my Coker. It all started with too many Margaritas Friday night and then sticking with my plans to go Cokering (with a hangover) Saturday morning. I met with Matt & Joe for our bi-monthly 9 a.m. ride and knew when I first mounted the Coker that it was going to be an interesting ride. I managed to go about 50 feet before my first UPD. I remounted and rode another 1.4 miles before the Coker shot out from under me while making a turn and smashed into a curb, bending the left crank so badly that it wouldn’t even clear the frame:( I had 2 choices, give up and carry the Coker back to the car or find something to bend the crank back into a rideable shape. I found a short piece of metal rebar and wedged it between the crank and frame and managed to bend the crank enough to clear the frame. By this time, I had sweated out enough alcohol that I felt ready to continue the ride. We proceeded along the Mission Trails and I managed only one more UPD before the turn-around point. This time me and the Coker both came out without a scratch. On the return trip, I finally started to feel near-human again and only UPD’d once as I tried to negotiate my way around a barrier on a wooden bridge. All in all, the ride actually ended up being my most successful Coker ride with only 3 UPD’s in hust under 13 miles.

haha thats a pretty funny story, that sucks about the crank. Ive never tried to ride a unicycle while i was actually drunk. seems dangerous.

I was just hungover (drunk the night before)
The crank’s not a problem, I have an extra pair :slight_smile:

Thats a funny story! I also uni at a Mission Trails here in San Diego. I also kite surf in Mission Bay AND at Mission Beach. I guess im on a mission? :slight_smile:

Cool… I was thinking about kite surfing some this summer… now I know who to go with questions :slight_smile:

Drunken unicycling is not so bad as long as you arent fully hammered. where you run into problems is when you snap one of your cranks in half while drunk… instantly kills the buzz.

KENNY - you are HOW OLD and you STILL haven’t figured out how to avoid hangovers?

Before you go to bed drink as much water as you can manage. Then, when you get up to use the bathroom (as you WILL), drink as much water as you can manage. In the morning you will feel MUCH better.

I know this method has some flaws (it doesn’t work if you drink till you pass out) but I’ve never been hungover that I’ve noticed :wink:

Glad you didn’t hurt yourself and that you can still ride the coker. I reckon I need to get REALLY plastered and then try to ride unsupported on mine. Then I won’t care if I fall off :smiley:


Jayne I do know better, but it was just one of those things. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any hangover helper (Dramamine-motion sickness pills) handy, so I had to tough it out. At my age (51) the hangovers hurt alot more than they used to :smiley: :smiley:

Un-bending a crank while it’s on the unicycle carries some risk. It’s understandable that you want to continue the ride, but when you unbend the crank while it’s attached, you can put a lot of stress on the axle. Too much, and the axle breaks (while the crank remains bent). You were wise to only unbend it enough to continue riding. Glad it worked out!

Jayne, you party animal! My kinda girl!!

That’s me - old enough to know better, young enough not to care!


riding drunk isn’ too tough, as long as your a competant rider. It’s preddy fun too. I haven’t tried any trilas or street but just cruisin around is a blast.


I don’t plan on getting drunk, but I think it would be fun to try riding drunk. :slight_smile:

Re: Tequila+Coker= bent cranks

On Mon, 12 Apr 2004 12:51:00 -0500, “johnfoss” wrote:

>Un-bending a crank while it’s on the unicycle carries some risk.

Apart from the hub issue, I’d also be worried about the frame that
Kenny used for reaction force.

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Clearly a system of 1/14 and 1/16 is not decimal - Mikefule on the English weight system

Trust me, it is. I think the highest hop on my new MUni has been when I was drunk. Yup, cleared the keg (sideways) that got me into the stooper on the second and third try. After that, I learned how much fun drunk keg rolling can be.


Re: Re: Tequila+Coker= bent cranks

I was very careful as to my leverage points. The worst results were scratched “Big One” stickers

Uurgh! Jane you obviously do not know what it is to have a prostate :smiley:

Here’s a pic of Joe, myself and Matt after that ride


This is me and Matt on the Mission Trail alongside the San Antonio River

matt & kenny.jpg