Tasmania Unitour 2009 - now on (14 to 18 April)

We are currently on a uni tour from Launceston, Tasmania, Australia to Hobart. Stars Aubin Gill, Tony Melton, Tynan Rollo, Matt Thomas, Sid Rajan and Nick Clearwater. :slight_smile:

Website is:

Beginning of the third day … Thur 16 Apr 2009

On our Tasmania Unitour 2009 we are two days down. The first day was sunny, rolling country side. The second started with wind, rain, hail, thunder and lightning and a blow away tent (no one inside). A low pass (slightly over 600 metres), but with wind and rain. For the last ten kilometres the sun came out. Below a photograph of day two.


Tasmania Unitour continued … Day three … Aubin’s Ride

We are still riding!

This is great - I remember looking at pictures of the first Tasmania tour years ago and being incredulous, now I’m sad I’m not there!

Keep the pictures coming, it’s always fun to follow along these things for sure.

Aubin’s Ride

Thanks for the interest / support / and encouragement Dave.


Good job guys! Wish I was on this ride. It looks epic.

Looks like a great tour! Any chance you (Barry) and Nick will be at Unicon in NZ? Hope to see you again!


Aubin’s ride - ride through the forest today

James, There’s a chance that Nick and myself will be a Unicon in Wellington.

Today was the forest stage for the Tasmania Unitour 2009 (Aubin’s Ride)


That looks like so much fun. I can’t wait to do a uni tour someday; something like multiple days of fine single/double track trails… It so great to see folks out there doing interesting things! Keep it up!

New blog post with blood and leeches!

See day four’s post for the tour’s longest day so far. I was attacked by three leeches and battled rough roads and headwinds.

Wow, it looks great! I haven’t had a chance to read through it all yet (quickly checking emails in the airport lounge), as we’ve just finished Induni. Sure missed you guys.

OMG, Nick is a giant :astonished:

Enjoy your ride!


I completely missed the fact that there was a website. Reading now!

Tasmania Unitour 2009 (Aubin’s Ride)

Yes the Tasmanian Unitour 2009 has a website. It is:
The final day for all participants was yesterday (Saturday 18 April), though Aubin, Tynan and Tony are carrying on on Monday, Tuesday. The write up for 18 April is on the website.


It was a great ride.
Nick is 6’5" now, a contrast to Aubin who is the same age but a wee bit shorter (he had to have his frame cut down so he would fit a 36" wheel).
Just read the Induni blog. Sounded awesome with some giant climbs and awesome scenery.

A big thank you to Aubin and the support crew for putting together such a great ride. The roads were challenging yet fun and the scenery was very beautiful.

Tasmania looks like a great place to ride,thank you all for providing write ups and photos

Day 7’s story is online now. Read now. READ NOW!

Hey guys! Haven’t gotten through the whole blog yet, but it occurred to me that you should put this up on www.crazyguyonabike.com, if you haven’t already.

Geoff Huntley is the first of us cokeurs to do this and they even have a special section for unicycles now!

Day eight’s blog is now online. Today was the last day of the tour.


From the looks of it…you started the tour with the new KH touring handle (at least that is what the first pics in this thread show), but finished the tour with the T7 handle. Is that correct? If so, why did you switch half way?