Tandem Unicycle

Yesterday I completed a new project - the Tandem Unicycle.

I had a great blog entry on the construction details but managed to loose it when posting it. I’ll rewrite it and post an update here when I have it done again. Also, eventually I’ll make some videos of me and Louise riding it (we only tried for a few minutes last night — but it was raining and cold out. Now it is snowing!)


A short video of me rolling it can be seen on facebook:

Yeah, it looks fantastic! Will be some vid for non-facebook users? :slight_smile:

…eventually. The video isn’t that impressive - it is just it rolling around. I’ll take video of us riding it once we learn how.

Nice! I’m looking forward to seeing it ridden.

A new concept in level 11 riding.

I think one of the seats is facing the wrong way for level 11. Might work for level 12 though :wink:

Anyway, looks like a fantastic contraption. Can’t wait to see it all painted up nice and snazzy though :slight_smile:


really cool :sunglasses:

but if one user is a lot heavier that the other then…

One of the seats moves up to 1.5" on a rail adapter. If the weight difference turns out to be an issue, then I’ll make a longer rail adapter seat post attachment to allow for more adjustment.

I suspect that will be quite a challenge to ride.

Does that “extra” cog in the rear chain have any purpose or it it just lying around there?


Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage:( It sound fun though:p

It’s to help keep the chain tighter. that is it! I need to build a little chain tightening mechanism; it wouldn’t be hard to do.


It looks like my web host is down… http://www.dreamhost.com isn’t responding. Bummer!

EDIT: it is back up.

Haha, this is brilliant.

Great work. I’d love to try it.

Great work Corbin, looks like lobbybobsters old sig.It,s nice to see old crappy push-bikes turned into unicycle art.That will be a great challenge to ride.


Yup! lobbybobster’s original creation was my inspiration. He did a much better job on his.

I now have some suggestions on how to improve it: add a third seat in the middle! That way it can be ridden solo, and then a buddy or girlfriend/wife can hop on when needed, and we could still pick up a third person who is hitch hiking.


It won’t be perfectly level when you ride it. But pedal/ground clearance could become an issue with too much of a weight difference. I’ve seen a sociable tandem (side-by-side bike) ridden by a man and his daughter, who appeared to be about 10. The bike was just a little bit tilted.

Definitely. Plus Corbin has built his with quite a bit of distance between the riders, which will make it even more of a challenge. The one example of those that I’ve seen actually ridden a bit, had the two riders really close together. Even then, with owner Ken Fuchs and Sem Abrahams riding it, they only had very limited success. They got their best results with one rider doing most of the balancing while the other tried to be as passive as possible. I wish I had a picture of it to share, but it’s from back in the film days, and I can’t even remember what year…

Tandem Unicycle

Been There, Done That!

just awesome Corbin!

I don’t think my wife and I trying to ride one would end up well… imagine trying to agree on a parking spot! :stuck_out_tongue:

but I’m really looking forward to seeing video of you and Louise taming that beast!

And it’s good to see that you’re planning on doing MUni on it - why else choose that tyre? :wink: