Taking your wheel onto the bus

I use the buses and trains often especially in winter season. Has anyone had trouble bringing a unicycle onto a bus or train? Bicycles are allowed on both, but for the bus bikes belong on the front grille rack. I’m not sure if a unicycle would fit in it safely, or if the drivers would have a problem with you bringing it on board. Any experience with this?

The combination of biking and mass transit is one of the cooler ways I’ve gotten around the city. It’s possible to achieve a surprising amount of errands. Great way to get to the city bike parks too, as opposed to DRIVING your bike to them, heh.

I haven’t tried personally. You might have some issues in big cities with packed buses, but where I am they really wouldn’t care. I’m sure there’s a way you could secure your uni to a front bike rack if need be.

I took my unicycle on the bus when I visited Tampa Bay Florida last year. The driver just had me toss it in the luggage rack near the front. It was only a 20" unicycle though, and the bus was not very busy.

I’ve been wondering about using the rack on the front of the bus too. I’m not even sure a 36" would fit. And if it did, would the seat bounce around too much? I wouldn’t want to be the first to try it.

I’ve taken my 26" muni on the bus with varying success: from the driver not caring to the driver making a fuss but allowing it anyway.

I’ve also put my 36er on the front rack (external) and in the storage compartment under the bus on regional buses without a problem. On the front rack, the saddle did not bounce as far as I could tell.

Rules seem to vary by company, and even by driver. Since the unicycle is not a bicycle, absolute bike rules don’t necessarily apply. When in doubt, stick the unicycle in a lawn & leaf type trash bag. Then it’s luggage! You can keep the back folded up in your pocket until you need it. Have the uni in the bag before the bus arrives.

I’ve tried bringing my 19" inch on to a bus into town I kinda got away with it but I was told in future to get a Unicycle bag :L .

I find that it all depends on the driver/transit officer.

More often than not, if the bus is not busy I’m allowed to take my 20" on but I make sure to always ask the bus driver. Every now and then though, I get one who will not let me bring it on even if I insist that it’s small enough to fit under my legs while I sit on a seat. (I’ve come to learn which bus drivers don’t let me, they are often quite rude about it)

If you want to maximise your chances then lower your seat (or even take it off and chuck it in a bag) or get a unicycle bag :slight_smile:

unicycles on bus racks


I have been commuting 9 months with a 36er. Attached are pics of the 36er and a 29er. I have since sold the 29er. The express bus operators will not allow bicycles on board any bus. They told me at first no unicycles either. I explained that it was not a bicycle to one of the regular drivers. He asked his supervisor about unicycles on the bus. After about a month they came out with a policy letter to the drivers that unicycles can be brought aboard buses.
I usually put my 36er on the bike rack. I use a bungee cord with 2 key rings and a heavy duty snap swivel. I attach it around the seat post and bike rack. 29er’s and smaller can use the built in wheel hook on the rack. 29er’s stretch it to the max. The widest tires I can fit in the rack is a 2.5. I have brought my N26 muni to work several times. I had a maxxis hookworm tire on it at the time. It was a tight fit in the channel.

I’vbe had some trouble going in some buses with my Trials uni, but I always end up getting on the bus anyway. Some drivers dont say anything, some of them ask me to sit in a specified place, some others just dont want to let me in but I just tell them that it’s too far to ride on the uni. I took the bus with my 24" Muni once, it was raining and I was going a little bit far, the bus driver told me he wasn’t supposed to let me in, but I managed to get on the bus:)

Another thing you can do when you don’t have plastic bags is to remove the frame, stick in in your backpack (even if it’s way to big) and now you just have a wheel in your hand.

Stupid? Yes
Takes even more place? Yes
But now that you just have a wheel and no a complete cycle there’s no problem.

That’s good to know. Your 36er doesn’t look very secure in the picture, but I guess it has been working for you for 9 months. The Nimbus frame gives you plenty of places to attach the bungee cord.

A few extra bucks in your pocket probably couldn’t hurt either.


The 36er is more secure this way than regular bikes. The tire fits very snugly in the channel & the bungee chord is heavy duty. I used bowline knots to secure the key rings at both ends. The bungee chord will work with any uni. I wrap it around the seat post.
Some of the morning buses are using new 3 bike racks. They have wide plastic v channels. The munis with larger tires would probably fit using the built in hook. I tried my 36er in one of these racks but it wasn’t stable. On those buses I will take the uni onboard with me. The morning buses aren’t that bussy.

Any one try taking a 24" uni on a Seattle city bus? These days it seems like my bus is so crowded that I won’t be let on with it. Would it fit in the bike rack?

If I wanted to take a uni onto the bus, I would sew up a guitar shaped bag of thin material which would fold up small when not in use. :slight_smile:

I’ve taken various unicycles on King County buses before with no trouble - the largest was my 29" and the bus was crowded with few free seats. It was slightly awkward keeping the uni out of the aisle but it wasn’t a problem.

I brought my 24" Muni on the bus once I took off the seat & post, and pedals put them in my backpack & straped the wheel & frame to the back.

I’ve taken it on the subway several times w/o problems.

I hesitate to suggest this, but I bought a pair of these some time ago:


No, they aren’t particularly great pedals, but they do fold easily, and they make it a lot easier to take the uni places where regular pedals might bang into something or someone. I also bought a box of 4-40 setscrews and ran them into the flats, and that helped the grip a lot. These make the unicycle fit into my small trunk a lot easier, and would probably be useful when taking one on a bus. I have a couple hundred miles on them, I think, and they will probably fail within a thousand, but they’re pretty cheap, so I don’t care. I only use them for 3-5 mile runs before work and at lunchtime.

This is about as close as I ever want to get to a Seattle Metro bus. The idea of riding inside one fills me with dread… :smiley:

I sent e-mails to the bus and the train companies asking if I could bring my unicycle with me for free. They both replied that I can, so I have printed out the replies and bring them with me on the bus/train. The replies didn’t say anything about wheel size (neither did I when I asked).