SWUM unicycle hockey tournament Jan 5th 2008

South West Uni Meet
Unicycle Hockey Tounament
12 -6pm Saturday 5th Jan 2008
Riverside leisure centre
Cowick st, Exe Bridges, Exeter EX4 1AF

What is it?
A Unicycle Hockey tournament in the South West. Come along with friends in a team and enjoy an afternoon of as many hockey games as we can fit into 2 pitches and 6 hours.

Who is it for?
This will be part of the British Unicycle Hockey league. Teams should pre register to be sure of a place. Register a team by e-mailing Sarah at the address below.
8 Places are available in total. Please register by Dec 1st.
Teams already registered ( as of Oct 1st ) are : SWUM, Severn Wheelers, Lunis , Southampton Penguins. Teams registered by Dec 1st will be required to pay their £30 by Dec 10th to secure their place.

What should I bring?
Your unicycle/s, friends, hockey stick and protective gear (if you wear it). Unicycles used in the hall should have clean non-marking tyres and plastic ended pedals and saddles. We will have some plastic pedals to sell and tape for saddles at registration.
Please can each member of your team wear shirts of a like colour , if you have no team colour there will be bibs.
Bring along any flags or banners you wish to drape over the viewing balcony rails to support your team.
Dirty wheels, metals pedals etc on your unicycle will mean you CAN NOT ride it in the hall. The hall we will be in has a nice floor, lets all help keep it in good condition.
There is a café and vending machines on site or you can bring a drink and a snack with you. please use the café or viewing gallery to eat or drink, please don’t bring food or drinks in to the sports hall.

How much will it cost?
team £ 30

Where is it?
Riverside leisure centre ,Cowick st, Exe Bridges, Exeter EX4 1AF.
Its is large square hall with a divider in the middle, so we can play 2 games at a time. There is an open viewing gallery and a cafe… There is also a swimming pool in the centre ( cost approx £3 per person). Car parking is available in front of the retail park and pizza hut next door ( signs say this is limited to 2 hours) or behind the leisure centre ( signed as 3 hours BUT tell sports centre reception your car reg and you shouldn’t get ticketed).There is no out side space for unicycling at the centre BUT the riverside cycle path is only 100m away and that has about 5 miles of traffic free path accessing open space and a park in one direction and the quay with ice cream shops in the other.

More info required?
Contact sarah via e-mail sarah dot miller at unicyclist dot com

MAy be able to sort out overnight indoor camping and mass pizza eating after the tournament if tehre is a demand for it.

I’ve forwarded this to the Severn Wheelers mailing list. It sounds good to me, but (assuming I’ll be getting a lift down with him) it really depends on what Richard wants to do. You never know, though, the thought of overnight camping turning it into a social occasion might be enough to persuade the family to come down.

Just to clarify, I’m assuming you mean crashing overnight in the sports hall. Is that right?

There was a 2-day juggling convention in Bath in December 1995 where everyone crashed overnight in the sports hall. It worked very well. If you do that, I’m pretty sure I’ll be bringing the whole family down, all with our unicycles.

over night crash space would be at a community hall about 2 miles from the sports hall ( other side of town centre). Its smallish hall with toilets and a kitchen. has a hard floor so karrimats/ thermarests etc would be pretty important unless you are dead hard. No showers but showers at sports hall are open after the end of the tournament. Crash space will cost so would need to do a whip round if the raffle dosn’t make lots of money…

Reminder about this tournament.
Now registered, SWUM, Severn Wheelers, Lunis, Southampton Penguins, Cardiff Unicycle Team and EMUs.
Still two team spaces remian. Who wants them, Tholthorpe do you want to increase your league points and have a chance at the Title? Hackney , fancy a trip to the West country?
Also any body wanting to stay over in the community hall please let me know, I need to book it if its going to happen.

is it too late to register??

please could tholthorpe register and crash in your hall if possible???



Teams registered ( as of Dec 1st ) are : SWUM, Severn Wheelers, Lunis , Southampton Penguins, Cardiff Unicycle Team, EMUs, Calstock and Tholthorpe.

Teams registered by Dec 1st are asked to pay their £30 by Dec 10th to secure their place.
Paid up are – SWUM, Lunis, EMUs and Severn Wheelers & Calstock.
Still to pay and confirm their place- C.U.T , S’ton and Tholthorpe.

To get an address and details for sending your cheque please PM me as I dont want my adress on the open forum.

More details on web at

Hall for post hockey pizza party & overnight- I have sent in a booking request now we have a team wanting to stay over… awaiting a reply.

Teams entered and paid up as of Dec 16th
SWUM, CAlstock, Severn Wheelers, CUTs, EMUs,Lunis, Tholthorpe, Stockton.
Southampton have probadly paid up but I havn’t had a chance to check teh bank acc yet.
The tournament is now FULL, spectators are welcome and can come for free.

Post hockey pizza eating- will take place at Sylvannia Hall, about 2 miles from teh sports hall. http://www.sylvaniahall.co.uk/ - this hall is aslo avalible for overnight floor space for any riders who need it. Bring a warm sleeping bag and a camping mat. Showers are at the sports hall ( NOT sylvannia hall) so have a shower after hockey.

Sweet! i may just come, am i allowed to use my 24" muni tho…?

Mike penton from Uni Magazine will be this hockey tournament selling Uni Mag polo shirts ( V smart) and Warm winter T-shirts (£15) also he has some saddles ( ex demo IIRC) and other bits and bobs to sell. I suspect he will also have copies of the Magazine…

Adrian- you are welcome to come along. weather you play on your muni or not depends on a couple of things…
Are you in one of the registered teams? does your unicycle have plastic pedals or are you willing to fit plastic pedals that we can sell you? does you unicycle damage people or floor if it is droped? Is the wheel clean? If the answer to all the above is yes, then you may play.
Amanda- yes given up on Pizza Hut tho we may use their take away outlet on Sidwell St. If you need to get between the Sports hall and Sylvannia hall by bus jump on an F1 or F2 bus and get off at the top of mincinglake rd, its about 400m walk from there. I’ll try and remember to do some maps.

Issue 4?


Will the small practice area above the sports hall be available? DW would like to come along and practice riding her new toy.

To the best of my knowlegde the hall hire includes both balconies, the one with seats and teh flat floor one that is a good practise area so long as you don;t hurl yourelf off over the rail. Family Colyer are very welcome to bring their own unicycles, Ed may be lusting after Charlie’s.
Issue 4 - no idea, my sub goes via my SiL who is in the US till next week so it may have been sitting at her house for weeks for all I know.

GOALS- quick appeal. If your team have a set of 6 x 4 ( 180cm x 120cm) goals and you are able to bring them along… please do. SWUM have one set of that size & one set smaller, would be good to play all games with correct size goals :slight_smile:

Sarah, you did get my money didnt you? It came out of my account so Ive assumed that it got to you, just thought I ought to check. Im going to have trouble getting to exeter on saturday but southampton will have a team there. do you need to know numbers if people want to stay over?

Oh and we have some goals, but they may be trapped in richards house without him so we can only get them if his housemates are in and one of our team can go and get them, so dont count on it but we can try!

We’ll be bringing the EMU goals so don’t worry too much about getting them

Thanks anna- yes money arrived fine. S’ton are fully registered. We even have another team comning who you will have a good game with- CAastock, its their 1st tournament.
Thank you Roland. EMU goals it is.
Those staying over night- no I don;t need to know numbers but you will need to have a whip round between you. the hall is costing 60 quid for over night.
looks like it’ll be 2-3 teams worth of people staying over with more dropping by for pizza on their way home. The hall is not teh warmest so please bring a warm sleeping bag and a camping mat of some kind. There is a kettle, fridge, sink and crockery in teh kitchen so you can make hot coffee in the morning.

It looks like Severn Wheelers are bringing a small army of players so if any teams are a bit short we could probably spare a player or two.

ill cya there,


just wanted to say thanks to sarah and everyone who helped organise the tournament and hall.

below is joe and pauls competative game of noughts and crosses, right before 2 hours of hangman which was a great laugh!

cheers again

DSC00184 (Small).JPG