SWUM unicycle hockey tournament Jan 5th 2008

And here is the Stockton team watching what they’d videoed.

Jenny got up this morning and complained about having had to come home, rather than stay over. She said she wanted to get up and go and play on that big blackboard again.


ha ha those are cool pictures, yeh thanks again to Sarah, cant wait to play at Newcastle!

Yeah, Thanks alot Sarah, we all really enjoyed it, it was good hang maning out with Tholthorpe!

Thanks for the pictures, very flattering :stuck_out_tongue:

See you all at Billingham :smiley:


The results

1st Lunis W7 D1
2nd EMU ( East midlands unicyclists) W6 D2
3rd Cardiff ( CUT) W4 D3 L1
4th Stockton W4 D 1
5th Tholthorpe W4 L4
6th SWUM ( South West Uni meets) W3 D2 L3
7th Severn Wheelers W 2 D 1 L 5
8th Calstock ( not a league team ( yet)) W 1 L 7
9th Southampton penguins. L 8

Trophies went to teams 1st -3rd.
Captains Award went to Leo Wintercrane for her goal keeping efforts for Calstock.