Some guy from sweden who are a unicyclist ?

mail me, simme666@msn.com

Jag har skickat ett mejl till dig. Men om du ser det här före mejlet så vet du i allafall det…

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On Sun, 22 Aug 2004 11:51:35 -0500, “Orange” wrote:

>Jag har skickat ett mejl till dig. Men om du ser det här före mejlet så
>vet du i allafall det…

I can read that!

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> Some guy from sweden who are a unicyclist ?

Yes I live in Malmo.

Har hittills inte sett en enda enhjuling på stan förutom min egen … :frowning:

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Peter Rosendahl. But I think he now lives in the USA. First world champion of artistic (men). Holder of Guinness world record for 100 meter sprint. Many other Guinness records.

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  So you can read it... uh... clever! :D

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Det kan jeg også

Rusty, Norge

yes jag am from sverige!

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Det var ju väääääldigt konstigt... :) :)

Jag ocksa

Hej, jag bor i Boden, men jar är amerikansk…

Vet ni om nån enhjulingsmanniskor i Norrbotten?


(in english for other interested readers)

Hi, I live in Boden, but I’m American.

Do you know of any other unicycle people in Norbotten?

I tried to read this thread, and now I have a headache.

Hey, any of the Swedish folk- anyone know about a comic strip called ‘The Buckets’? I think it may be called ‘the Froëbergs’ there, or something like that.

Non-swede Greg

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Jodå, jag bor i Skövde. Rätt kass på enhjuling tyvärr…


I have a friend whos just moved to Malmo, and Im planning to visit him regularly…

The Swedish cycle act!

I know a guy from sweden. He doesn’t ride a unicycle tho :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow this thread is popular!

Well that’s just because Sweden rocks so much…:slight_smile:

Sweden is cool, yes.

I’ve been unicycling less than a year, and living in Sweden less than two years.

Are there Unicycle meetings of some kind hereabouts?

I havn´t heard of any.
But i would come if there were any, It´s just up to anybody to arrange.

I would also come, I've heard that they've got stuff in Stockholm but I've never found out when it is.

I´m from STHLM i never heard of anything from here. But I´m kinda new to unicycling so…

The first thing we must know is: How many would come to such a meeting?