Surly Knard 29x3

It is interesting what you can find on the UDC uk blog


Looks like it fits a KH29 after all :smiley: a bit too tight for the mud around here though so a Hand Dampf on a rabbit hole rim (in December) will have to do :wink:

Sorry if this is old news

Looks Awesome! Does anyone know if the frame clearances have changed since that frame was produced (2007?)? I am hoping to pick up one of these to run on my 2012 KH 29 which should be arriving any week now! That tire looks like it has so much cushion!

What’s great about this tire is that it’s a 3.0, which is .7 wider than the 2.3 WTB Stout, and yet it’s almost 300g lighter than the Stout! This is most likely due to it [120 tpi] having a folding bead and a lower tread pattern. I’m assuming it will fit fine on the kh 47mm drilled rim?
Btw, I checked several online stores and none had any in stock.

That’s because it’s not released yet…

It’d be awesome if the Knard was also available in a 26 x 3.0, for my G26er! So far I only see a 26 x 3.8.

Seems like the 29er Knard and Rabbit Hole rim have been “coming” for bloody ever :stuck_out_tongue:

I read that they are released in December.

With the mega mud around here I jam up a Hans Dampf in my frame so the Knard is not going to fly so I will just go for the rim

I would use an Oregon frame in that case.

this tire looks sick!

Hey Terry, it’s a little fatter than what you were asking about, but it’s a 26" :smiley:

It’s here!

Jenson just posted on their site. $90 as expected.

does anyone have one yet? will it fit in a nimbus drak?


there are places where this info is already posted, hint, hint, hint.

No and No


Whilst you can squeeze on in a KH it is not really usable unless you ride in the dry and UDC have said there will be a wider Oracle 29er coming to fit it at some point.

Teach me for watching a film and surfing the forum at the same time, I got a bit time lagged there :stuck_out_tongue:

Does MR hans dampf fit?

Who you calling MR?

Yeah, the Hans Dampf will fit, just like all the other 29 x 2.4 tires.

Wes, don’t you have homework to do or something :roll_eyes:

nope 2 hours and 45 min of study halls :smiley:

Sadly the Knard 29 x 3 has been delayed AGAIN, current arrival estimate is March.

On a bright note, my 26 x 4 Knard 120 folder is on the way from ProBikeSupply in sunny California :slight_smile:

Review to follow…

I’m considering a second wheel build for my 36 frame, using a 29" Knard. Owen has been eyeing my 29er, which gives me an excuse. :wink:
Think I’d have clearance (sideways) issues?

Surly says the Knard on a 50mm Rabit Hole rim has a width of 75.8mm/77.7mm (casing/tread). I haven’t measured the distance between the legs of my 36" frame to see if it would fit.