Surly Knard 26 x 4 120 TPI Folding

This is the 26", Twenty Six Inches, not to be confused with the 29er version.

It’s very fresh, half dozen trail rides and some snow, not looking to dump it so figure out the best on-line price and subtract 10-15%, make an off, and don’t forget to add in shipping.

If it doesn’t sell here I’ll take it to MTBR, so no sweat.

I also have a Larry 26 x 4 27tpi wire bead that I’d sell for cheap, Surly Toob also.

(For the lazy souls like me, here is the thread with pics).

Does this mean you like your Devist8or better ? You haven’t post that much of feedback in the dedicated thread nor a duel with your beloved :stuck_out_tongue: ?

This is a for sale thread, please post only if you are interested in buying.

The Mgmt

The management also advise pictures, shipping costs or information to simulate them, a location… but nobody will die without them :slight_smile:

As it is the 120tpi edition, do you have a rough estimate of the dimensions folded (weight is 1400g) and your zip code for anybody to quickly simulate the shipping cost through USPS ?

Thanks in advance for the additional information :slight_smile:

As requested, copied from my review:

The Knard is fast rolling and has a very predictable slide, i.e. in the mud when I was drifting, it was controllable and didn’t suprise me. I rode some pretty slimy uphill trails, I think the Knard did as least as well as the Larry would have done, maybe not quite as good as the Devist8or.

Though the Knard has the same casing as the Larry, it seemed firmer even at lower pressures, this could be due to the tire still having some break in to do. Overall it’s a very nice multi use tire, probably not the best for all snow conditions as it lacks deep tread, but for fast riding on packed snow, ice, firmer condiions where bite is less improtant than speed, it’s a nice tire.

In comparing the tire to a more common mtb tire, I’d say that the tread is like a Racing Ralph, though much, much fatter and with more edge knobbies to grip when carving.

Weight is 1350gm.