Fat Tire Review Thread: Tires > 3"

Nate runs great in snow!

It seemed to have MUCH more traction than the Larry. In the Summer, at Moraine, it had a bit too much grab. In the Winter, in 6 in of wet snow, it works as good as any tire can. Off camber is a problem for almost any uni tire in the snow.

The road ride back at sub 10 PSI wasn’t a problem either.

I got my Larry today! I currently only have a 50mm wide rim, it seems like it will be enough though. I’m not sure if I’ll get something wider, if I do it wont be more than a Large Marge as I dont want to go too wide.

I still dont have a frame for it, the Larry on the 50mm rim is 85mm at the widest point, I’m starting school again on Monday so I’ll talk to my teacher to make a frame ASAP.

Does anybody know who wide is the Nimbus 29er Oracle frame at the crown? I’ve been told there are a few 29er bike forks that can fit a fatty, I’m just wondering if it could be the case with some unicycle frames.

EDIT: Looking at the pictures on UDC, the 29er tire looks pretty tight, I doubt the Larry would fit in.

I don’t know about the tire but I’ve heard the rim is very weak.

A Large Marge is a very nice balance of width and stability. It will still run down to a 2.5" tire without laying it’s profile too flat. With the 3.8 it’s stable too.

The 50mm wide should be fine for now.

The 26 x 4" Surly Knard arrived today, so of course I had to go ride it :smiley:

Installed easilly, nice and straight, aired up to 30psi to set the bead, dropped the pressure to 15psi and went riding. I gradually reduced the pressure every ten minutes or so until I got down to 10psi.

The Knard rides much like a Larry in that it often likes to go straight when you want to turn, I call this “straightlining”. The Big Fat Larry was a straightlining fool, the Larry less so, the Knard about like Larry at higher pressures (15-12.5 psi), but when I dropped the 10psi the Knard was much more compliant and straightlined less.

The Knard is fast rolling and has a very predictable slide, i.e. in the mud when I was drifting, it was controllable and didn’t suprise me. I rode some pretty slimy uphill trails, I think the Knard did as least as well as the Larry would have done, maybe not quite as good as the Devist8or.

Though the Knard has the same casing as the Larry, it seemed firmer even at lower pressures, this could be due to the tire still having some break in to do. Overall it’s a very nice multi use tire, probably not the best for all snow conditions as it lacks deep tread, but for fast riding on packed snow, ice, firmer condiions where bite is less improtant than speed, it’s a nice tire.

In comparing the tire to a more common mtb tire, I’d say that the tread is like a Racing Ralph, though much, much fatter and with more edge knobbies to grip when carving.

I’ll post some pics later in the weekend. Weight was 1350gm.

Only one ride so far, had to go skiing, so much to do, so little time…

Some more comments that come to mind:

Awesome self cleaning tread, even though I was riding in clay, as you can see from the pics, the tire has no mud residue from the ride.
The Knard is not a directional tread, so you can’t put it on backwards :wink:
I’m running a Maxxis Freeride tube, 2.5", works quite well, also 2/3 the weight of a Surly Toob

The Knard 26 x 3.8 120tpi:

Fat tires make me feel like I’m on drugs as I want to get them all !!! :smiley:

As anybody had the opportunity to try a Surly Bud or a Surly Lou ??

They seem to have a much all-around tread, deep enough for most situation. And they are definitely gorgeous on a clown shoe rim (okay that is not mandatory for a good tire anyway :p).

For those of you that own a Nimbus Oregon, here is a question:

The Surly Larry installed on them is this the 120tpi foldable or the 27tpi wire bead model ?

Okay, answer from Nurse Ben gleaned from another thread: 27tpi wire bead :smiley:

So would any of the fat tires be any good for downhill and drops?

I haven’t had the opportunity to ride something else than a Duro Wildlife (3.0) and Surly Endomorph (3.7).
But for sure there seems to be some very serious fat tires (45NRTH Husker-Du & Escalator, Surly Nate & Knard, Origin8 Devist8or and even the Surly Bud & Lou of you have an Oregon and the fat tire fever) that might be plenty of fun ridding downhill / dropping with more volume and (for some) being lighter that the good old Duro.

Nurse Ben seems to have a lot of fun with his Devist8or.

And I am looking for a good opportunity (or some spare $$) to get a good all-around fat tire.

Promised I will post pics and a review if I can get my hands on one.

Silly mode on

Regular uncicycles are usually called Uni.
Moutain unicycles are called MUni.
And geared unicycles are called GUni.

Does this mean that fat unicycles are FUni ? :p:D

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Wes, you already know the answer, you ride my Conundrum before I sold it, remember??

Any tire can handle drops if the pressure is right.

Tires for downhill vary depending on the downhill, so muddy downhills are better with a deeper tread, dry rocky downhills are better with a medium tread, hard rock is better with a low sticky tread.

Fat tires are generally more stable because they have a larger contact patch, but this also tends to make them slower and harder to turn. Fat tires are also heavy, not in comparison to a Duro or Gazz which are heavy too, but in comparison to an XC tire like the Ardent.

But first you need a frame that can accomodate a fat tire…currently that would be a Conundrum, an Oregon, or a custom (Triton, Hunter, etc…)

This is also an option of frame, if you’re not planning on doing anything else than flat road riding… As soon as it touched the snowshoeing trail it exploded. I had the time to ride the Larry a little bit though, but I wanted to take in in the woods. :frowning:

that is a super good idea! to bad it didnt work

Have you seen the new fat tire from Vee Rubber: the Vee 8, 26"x4" tire that supposedly weighs ~1361-1404g, MSRP $85? I like the block pattern as that’s what I really liked on my KH24 (Felt Berm Master) and on my current KH26 (Maxxis Holy Roller). Too bad I already paid good money upgrading to my KH26 AND bought a Surly Neck Romancer fat bike! Perhaps someday I’ll build up a fat unicycle as I’m sure it’s as much or more of a blast than riding my fat-bike (certain situations).

This tire looks interesting… Let’s see who gets his hands on one and post a review (I wonder how this tread pattern will feel like…). But for sure it is a greate step ahead in terms of weight. We only have to hope that it doesn’t feel flimsy.

For my part, I have been lucky and got a Devist8or that is within marketed weight (the packaging announce 1730g +/- 60g).
I was positively surprised that it was quite flexible for a 60 tpi tire and mounting it on a Large Marge wasn’t 100% by hands only as with the Endomorph 120 tpi but I did not have to fight with the tire lever, just guiding it.

And it looks gorgeous as tire !!! If it rides as good as it looks, it will be quite a ride :wink:

More on it after a ride or 2 :smiley:


I like the one I heard once on the uni-com. unicycling on pavement=Puni.

That’s a good one :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Maybe we will suggest t sticky subject for all the unicycle disciplines short names :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried my Larry last week on snow! I now have a custom steel frame I made at my school, it’s probably going to break sometimes as the welds are… yeah… Anyway, I rode it on walking trails, it was about 2 degrees celcius outside, which is pretty hot for snow riding. IT WAS AWESOME! I never thought I could ride on these trails!

I’ll be riding it alot next week to test my frame, and my tire :slight_smile: