Surly Dirt Wizzard 26x2.75

Tittle says it all!

What are your guys and gals experience with this tire?

Im putting together a new build and this tire is on the list to buy!


dirt wizard

I had really hoped to like it, but didn’t. I’m @ 165 lbs, and ride an old school steel frame 8 spline KH hub 170 mm crank set up, no brakes. Rocky, technical trails, but no big drops for me. I had been using a 3" Duro on a 47 mm rim. I wanted something lighter, because I enjoy technical climbing. I just couldn’t get the DW to work for me at my skill level. It climbed great, but going down I was UPDing places a regularly ride. If I lowered the pressure so I didn’t bounce off, it felt squirmy and wanted to track into side hills. I suspect a lighter/more skilled rider might not feel this way. I went back to an old 3" Gazz on the KH rim, and immediately starting having fun again.

I like the 27tpi version for sure. It’s got a very nice volume/weight ratio. I like a 2.5 or larger tire for most of my muni riding (mainly XC based with roots, rock gardens, and technical bits thrown in for fun.) Most of my drops on the trail are under 2ft.

For my riding, The Dirt Wizard fits the bill nicely.

More thoughts are here.

I love my dirt wizard. I have the 27tpi version on my Nimbus Oracle. I have been riding it since right after Munifest. So mid March? My favorite part is how well they corner at speed. I run mine at 25-30psi. They do not weigh much less than the Duro though, or at least not enough for me to notice. I imagine the 120tpi does though. Can not tell you how well they handle drops because I have none around me. When I had a chance to ride someone’s setup with it in Moab it loved going down that rock.